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LANDMARK FIND: Pro Wrestling in Brazil (1960s-1980s)

Posted by invizweb on August 16, 2007

I used Babelfish to translate:Telecatch was a program of television of the extinct TV Excelsior of São Paulo, dedicated to the exhibition of combats of free fight. During the decade of 1960 it reached the height of the success, with the presence of the hero Ted Boy Marino.
Initially called “Telecatch Montila”, had to the sponsor, later it passed to be called “the Kings of the Ringue”.
According to Ted Boy Marino, it Globe in 1967 was contracted by the TV, in an effort of the entrepreneur Teti Alfonso. The objective would have been to annul the great success of the program in the TV Excelsior. However, the program continued until the beginning of the decade of 1980.
Some fights had the result previously agreement, nor always the young man were victorious.
Telecatch currently is a denomination given to the current free fights, that combine teatral stage and combat.I hope Rickson Gracie under the hood did not count the works in his 500 match record. Apparently Vale Tudo was banned in the late 60s when former UFC ref Joao Alberto (It would be funnier if it was Cecil Peoples) snapped someone’s arm off their body with a Juji Gatame.


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