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The Invisible Web Series 2 Episode 6 (15): Chica: The High Cost of Audio

Posted by invizweb on April 17, 2008

(C) Barbara or Rob Harris ?

(C) Barbara or Rob Harris ?

While combating audio nightmares and the lack of meals, Alexandra Chica Bruce, a long-time writer for DisInformation journeys through time and space (three-time zones to be exact) to shoot on various subjects in the second part of our story on Retro UFO 3. Who is Chica Bruce? Where is she currently? How did Chica get involved with DisInfo? Why is she Beyond the Bleep and Beyond the Secret? And what is her role with RETRO UFO 3, not your average UFO convention? We talk about those subjects and wine on this episode.

Listen or download here.

Retro UFO 3, Not Your Average UFO Convention

Chica Bruce’s official MySpace Page

Alexandra Bruce’s official FaceBook Page



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