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Kyokushin IKO Results 2008 (1st and 2nd Quarter)

Posted by invizweb on June 13, 2008

I am beginning coverage of Kyokushin Karate, JuDo, KuDo, Amaresu, Combat Wrestling, Shoot Boxing, Muay Thai, SanDa, and other Full-Contact Combat Sports results on my site as this is where the future talent pool of K-1, Sengoku, various MMA/Kickboxing organizations, and hopefully Pro-Wrestling will come from. I will probably not cover Occidental Boxing and American Submission Wrestling though 8).

Courtesy of: Kyokushin Results

4th US National Championships – January 27, 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada:

1- Alexandar Petrov (Bulgaria)
2- Piotr Jasica (USA)
3- Nikola Kirov (Bulgaria)

1- Stilian Petrov (Bulgaria)
2- Mladen Banushev (Bulgaria)
3- Eddie Potter (USA)

1- Masaru Sato (Japan)
2- Zensaku Munn (USA)
3- Victorr Potvin (Canada)

Super Heavyweight
1- Slawek Was (USA)
2- Petar Martinov (Bulgaria)
3- Hristo Hristov (Bulgaria)
2008 European Championships – Vitoria, Spain:

1- Piotr Moczydlowski (Poland)
2- Viktor Teixeira (Netherland)
3- Alexzndr Mikhailov (Bulgaria)
Ionut Mihalache (Romania)

1- Nicolae Stoian (Romania)
2- Nikita Tomchuk (Russia)
3- Stilian Petrov (Bulgaria)
Michal Krzak (Poland)

1- Alejandro Navarro (Spain)
2- Lucian Gogonel (Romania)
3- Pablo Estensoro (Spain)
Marcin Sieradzki (Poland)

Super Heavyweight
1- Krzyzstof Habraszka (Poland)
2- Petar Martinov (Bulgaria)
3- Vldyslav Plyasonytsya (Spain)
Djema Belkhodja (France)


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