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Teacher Mutilates Eighth Grade Students by Burning Crosses Into Them

Posted by invizweb on June 27, 2008

Courthouse News Service reports:

COLUMBUS, OHIO (CN) – An eighth-grade science teacher culminated a religious crusade in his classroom by burning a cross into a student’s flesh, and the school principal responded to parents’ complaints by writing the teacher a letter, but promised not to put it in the teacher’s personnel file unless he did it again, the parents claim in Federal Court.
On behalf of their son, the John Does parents sued eighth-grade teacher John Freshwater, the Mount Vernon City School District, its Superintendent Stephen Short, and Mount Vernon Middle School Principal William White.
The John Does claim Freshwater has unconstitutionally taught his religious beliefs in his science classes for more than a decade. They claim that in 2003 Freshwater sought, and was denied permission, to teach “intelligent design,” but does it anyway. They claim his classroom is festooned with Biblical posters, that he tells his students that “although he is forced to teach from the textbooks, the teachings are wrong or not proven according to the Bible.”

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