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Marvel at the 22-foot-tall polystyrene giant robot sculpture

Posted by invizweb on July 8, 2008

Thanks to Klintron at Technoccult.

Kevin Hall wrote for DVICE:

Michael Salter is something of a pack rat. Instead of letting all that clutter go to waste as some might, however, he puts it to good use — or into making robot sculptures.

You may remember these adorable Styrobots from a little while ago. His new creation is a little bigger; it stands over 22 feet high and needs a wooden, skeletal armature to keep it standing as well as moving vans to transport it. The smaller at its feet keep people from getting too close and accidentally knocking it over.

It took Salter all winter to cut the pieces into shapes that would glue together snugly. Why does he do it? His pieces aren’t sold — and are often destroyed at the end of the showing — though in packing materials and other odds and ends Salter finds an interesting comment on society’s mechanical made-for-waste industry.

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