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In Satanist’s Custody Battle, Law May Play Devil’s Advocate

Posted by invizweb on July 10, 2008

Thanks to TiamatsVision @Technoccult.

ROCHESTER, Ind.—The T in Satan’s name inked on Jamie Meyer’s left leg is drawn to look like an upside-down cross. The crucifix suspended above his bed hangs upside down too.

Meyer’s ex-wives say he also has turned their children’s lives upside down since he joined the Church of Satan—an organization that eschews spirituality and celebrates man’s selfish desires.

One of Meyer’s ex-wives is citing his religious affiliation as the main reason an Indiana judge should restrict his visitation time to allow his three youngest daughters to attend Christian church. A Fulton County judge could decide the case Wednesday.

“My children are my legacy,” said Meyer, 30, a factory worker. “It is because of them that I am still here today. I will always fight for my rights as a father.”

Across the nation, child-custody disputes involving religion are on the rise as the frequency of interfaith marriages and religious conversions increases and fathers become more active in their kids’ upbringing. Judges risk crossing the line between church and state, experts say, if they try to choose the religion in which a child should be raised.

“People continue to bring it up even though the judge tells them they won’t consider a belief system,” said Ronald Nelson, chairman of the American Bar Association’s custody committee. “Judges are people. They are swayed by their emotions and biases just like everyone else. . . . What better bias than religion? It’s a visceral thing.”

Experts said the burden is on the ex-wife to show that the religion was harmful to the children.

Gaetano Ferro, immediate past president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, said the U.S. Constitution prevents judges from showing a religious preference. But the burden of proof might be on Meyer to prove the Church of Satan is an authentic faith.

“If Satanism is treated as religion, that’s strike one to her case,” Ferro said.

Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service defines the Church of Satan as a religion. Furthermore, that’s how it defines itself.

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