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E3 Thread for July 16, 2008: Facebreaker

Posted by invizweb on July 16, 2008

EA Games’ Facebreaker, “an arcade style Boxing game” with superhuman characters, was introduced by Todd Batty, the Producer, to G4’s Olivia Munn today. Although he described it as Boxing, the characters fought with all limbs like they would a 3-D game with physics similar to Tekken on the trailer (thus think Dead or Alive in a Boxing ring).

Revealed at the convention was the character, Socks, man who fights with sock puppet for gloves (Mick Foley?) He joins other revealed characters such: Mini-Strawweight Osaka female dance-fighter Kiriko, whose attacks emits pink sparks; Steve who apparently is a D&D geek who watched too many Ninja movies but fights like many modern video game Megatons now i.e. doing rolls and cartwheels with the agility a plus-sized man (such as myself) should not be able to do; Romeo, a Madridian fighter who loves chorizo (I dunno how to think of that, though Spain is one of the few countries which now allow LGBT marriages); Voodoo, a stereotypical Voodoo priest character hailing from Mozambique; Spin, a speed based character revealed by Game Trailers; and Ice, an elderly African American gentleman from Philly who basically is the game’s Randy Couture/George Foreman. The four additional silhouettes in the promotional screens suggest at least 4 more characters.

There is also a Create-A-Fighter mode similar to the one found is the Soul Calibur series where you pick a pre-arranged moveset and then design a new appearance. However, due to the capabilities of this generation’s consoles’ digital mask technology, you can upload a portrait from an Internet account, send a cell phone pic, or use the PlayStation eye or X-Box Live Camera. Batty added that the game will be button based and not analog stick based. The game will be released September 3rd for the X-Box and PS3 consoles in the US. A Wii version is tentatively scheduled for the Holiday Season (early Northern Hemisphere Winter) of 2008.

EA’s official page.

Here is a video courtesy of Game Trailers.

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