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Chess Boxing – A New Sport for a New Millenium?

Posted by invizweb on July 19, 2008

Picture Courtesy of Wolfgang Kumm, EPA

Picture Courtesy of Wolfgang Kumm, EPA

Ada Calhoun for TIME in conjunction with CNN reported:

“It sounds like a gimmick,” admits Hip-Hop Chess Federation founder Adisa Banjoko. But chess and physical combat are being merged not only in the U.S. — where Banjoko’s group advocates combining chess and martial arts as a way to teach kids the importance of strategy and non-violence — but in Europe, where a bloodier version is flourishing. The slogan for the Berlin-based World Chess Boxing Organization: “Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board.”

The chess-boxing combo traces its roots back to a 1992 comic book, titled The Nikopol Trilogy, in which the men of the future box on a chessboard floor. The image inspired Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh to hold — and compete in — the first official chess-boxing bout in Amsterdam in 2003.

Since then, chess-boxing has attracted more than 150 professional competitors, the attention of ESPN Sports Center, even praise from Lennox Lewis. The World Chess Boxing Organization, which now has official training clubs in Berlin, London and Sofia, Bulgaria, calls itself an intellectual fight club. Spokesman Andreas Dilschneider, who is also one of the chess trainers for Berlin’s chess-boxing club, says the dual sport is primed to become “the biathlon of the 21st century.”

The matches work like this: competitors alternate between three-minute rounds of boxing and four-minute rounds of speed chess with one-minute breaks in between to get the gloves off and hunker down at the chess table. The winner is determined by knockout, checkmate, or referee decision.

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Porn Legend Belladonna offers to Pope Benedict & Church Sex Advice

Posted by invizweb on July 19, 2008

Courtesy of Fleshbot (

Courtesy of Fleshbot (

Denis Peters wrote for News Dot Com Dot Au:

CATHOLIC priests need some “street-level” sex education to prevent abuse cases, a visiting American porn star says.

Belladonna, 27, with a husband and daughter at home in the US, has arrived in Australia to promote her career.

But in the week the church is celebrating World Youth Day and fending off criticism over the way it has handled sex abuse claims, Belladonna is advising Pope Benedict XVI – let priests watch porn.

By her own admission, the porn star has performed sexual acts with men and women in more than 250 X-rated movies.

She is on a fifth visit to Australia as a guest of the Sydney Sexpo event, which starts next week, just as World Youth Day celebrations end.

“The Pope has indicated he might apologise to victims of sexual abuse and that is a positive thing to do,” the heavily tattooed Belladonna said today.

“But unless he follows up with some practical advice that addresses the sexual needs and desires of clergy, the problem will simply continue.

“Church clergy are at a crisis because they get no real street-level sex education but are expected to ply the streets to deliver their spiritual message.”

They needed to know how to distinguish a sexual fetish or fantasy from real-life sex, she said.

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Atheist vs Catholic, Scifi vs Islam, and other Flame Wars With No Winners, Only Losers

Posted by invizweb on July 19, 2008

The following article reminds me of an IM correspondence I had with a good friend of mine. A few months ago I was on America Online Instant Messenger texting away with two associates, lets call them Mondo and Jay, both close friends of each other. We were all discussing the same subject despite that I was engaged in two separate conversations. Then I cut and pasted an IM line to the other conversation. Even though they were close friends, the person who received the Instant Message, Mondo, said that I should check with Jay first before doing so. When I asked why, he hinted issues of privacy. Mondo, if you are reading this now. I apologize.

This hearkened back to a situation which occurred in 2004 when i lived in a suite at my University. My suitemate, lets just call him, Dee had a longterm girlfriend, lets substitute her name with Magdalena, who came to visit him that weekend and probably engage in an intimate encounter. However, Dee had a special female confidant on campus whom he would spend a lot of time with almost but I am not certain that they were more than friends. I forgot her name so I will call her Jane (like a Jane Doe) for the purposes of this story. When Magdalena came on campus to visit her perhaps husband now, Dee would not even acknowledge Jane’s existence. In fact, he made me swear upon this. Thus Jane of course would be real glum every time Magdalena would appear. So I used AIM to cheer up up. I had a crush on Jane, and in all truth thought she was much more physically attractive than Magdalena (I thought Magdalena was rail thin in fact and I told Dee this myself since we were close at times and he told me that he will knife me if I ever said that again, during a casual conversation. Who am I to refuse a 400 lb Brazilian from Flatbush?). And I told Jane that through AIM: that she was much more beautiful than Magdalena and that Dee would have been lucky to keep her as a potential partner). She felt much better. When Magdalena left at the end of the week , Dee asked me casually to step into his room. He asked me if I messaged Jane while Magdalena was in town. I avoided answering and then he told me he read her IMs. And then I called him an ungrateful bastard after he threatened to cut me. In the end, Dee Viniscius and I were no longer friends. I stand by what I did.

Of course this hearkened back to a time in 2002 when I had a period of altercations with a douchebag who writes for a larger Internet network of men’s interests and sports. I was involved in trading tapes of Japanese Pro Wrestling then. At the time there was no YouTube. For some reason the assclown made an accusation that I was a felon, and spread such rumors on the Internet even on message boards which i did not visit. He was also playing mind games with me and recited back my email address and campus mailing address to me claiming that he in fact was the tape trader I was dealing with. I was smart enough to opt out of his crap. He continued to besmirch me until he got tired. He never apologized or explained why he decided to troll me. The fuckwad never apologized. And as I stated above he is a recognizable name in football and video game coverage online. But I will take the high road.

Below are some serious situations made possible now by the Internet and the false sense of anonymity. The article was written by Simon Owens of Blogasm.

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