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Fear and Loathing This Blog and Gonzo movie

Posted by invizweb on July 22, 2008

I cannot tell a lie. I am a crappy excuse for a writer. And worst still a dogshit example of a blogger. If I was to give a lecture on the material I blog I would bite my tongue until it was a severed giant piece of hamburger meat.

Good gods. Theres no less than half a dozen fucking thumb-sized mosquitoes in this room flying at no slower than half the speed of sun. Nasty bastards. They come to drink my sweet blood and suck out my vitality. Even the AC on full blast cannot protect me. Various Mongol peoples (from the two Mongolia of course) have a theory that mosquitoes are little monster who attack humans out of spite for something we didn’t do at the beginning of the Earth. Screw you douchebags. I wish you go extinct instead of sweet honey bees. The only time bees sting me was on Orientation Day at Stony Brook U, but those were probably either rejects from Brookhaven or mutants form Montauk…

What am I getting at? Until two years ago there was a news writer no less than a dozen trillion times better than myself and no less than ten thousand times more skilled than an average daily reporter (say a Judith Miller, of which the man I am speaking of has no less than one hundred thousand times the integrity of). He did so using humor and pure unabridged rage. That man was Hunter S(tockton) Thompson. Currently making rounds at theaters in major cities is Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. It is directed by Alex Gibney and narrated by HST’s good friend, Johnny Depp whom he met during the filming of the adaptation to his book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone magazine, former Presidential Candidate George McGovern, former President Jimmy Carter, and his longtime confidant and personal artist Ralph Steadman of the UK also contribute their memories and memorable moments interacting with Hunter. This film covered the entirety of his life, but focused on his work from his ordeal with the Hell’s Angels until his coverage of Watergate. His time in Las Vegas with his lost friend Oscar Zeta Acosta was a huge segment in the film. Not to be a spoiler but there is a point in the film where someone biasly states that HST had no career after the late 70s due to his lifestyle. However, the movie itself proves that HST will have a lasting legacy to generations to come as this film was a very detailed portrait about the life and work of an eccentric individual. it was also fucking fun to watch at many points. If you are a fan of Thompson, you might be a bit nitpicky with its presentation in organization. However, as someone who did not read any of his work until after the film 9though I do of course know who he was), I say “Hell Yeah,” go and see it. Here is the official website.

Today is Robert Anton Wilson Day. Expect a lot of content (they are preset to go off soon). I am going to hang low until then. However, mid-day around 15:45 PM, I will be doing a conference call with TapOut on Versus. Maybe I should get some grapefruit and vodka for that. Fuck it, its July 23rd, I need to make those that came before me proud, and maybe grow myself a pair of grapefruits.

If you cannot tell I am in the middle of things these days, mostly going to a Psych 101 class where the professor talks about Eugenics, calculates 6/12 x 100 = 55 (its 50), and reminds me of the fact that Chris Benoit still brings fear and loathing to my nightmares, on campus with ravenous fireflies, vicious squirrels, and did I forget to mention the mosquitoes? At least I can take some solace that someone is putting up Rupert the AntiChrist posters around town. Maybe Rupert’s entry can shake things up. I never met the crazy son of a bitch but I can trust him more than McBama and O’Cain. Postings will be back to normal around mid August.

The Admin

In the meanwhile, here is a interview from San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia, in which Hunter thinks 9-11 is an inside job.

please note the transcript has been edited as well as CENSORED .

Mick O’Regan: Unlike Walter Cronkite, Hunter S. Thompson is a stirrer, a deliberately provocative commentator and a freewheeling iconoclast, infamous for his relentless critique of the American government and military.

He lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and that’s where I found him at the end of a less than perfect telephone line, to ask his opinion of the state of the US media.

Hunter S. Thompson: Well let’s see, ‘shamefully’ is a word that comes to mind, but that’s not true in the case of The New York Times, The Washington Post, but overall the American journalism I think has been cowed and intimidated by the massive flat-sucking, this patriotic orgy that the White House keeps whipping up. You know if you criticise the President it’s unpatriotic and there’s something wrong with you, you may be a terrorist.

Mick O’Regan: So in that sense, there’s not enough room for dissenting voices?

Hunter S. Thompson: There’s plenty of room there’s not just enough people who are willing to take the risk. It’s sort of a herd mentality, a lemming-like mentality. If you don’t go with the flow you’re anti-American and therefore a suspect. And we’ve seen this before, these patriotic frenzies. It’s very convenient having an undeclared war that you can call a war and impose military tribunals and wartime security and we have these generals telling us that this war’s going to go on for a long, long time. Maybe not so much the generals now, the generals are a little afraid of Iraq, a little worried about it, but it’s the civilians in the White House, the gang of thieving, just lobbyists for the military industrial complex, who are running the White House, and to be against them is to be patriotic, then hell, call me a traitor.

Mick O’Regan: Do you think that most of the American media, or say most of the influential American media has bought that patriotism line, and as a result are self-censoring themselves?

Hunter S. Thompson: There you go, self-censorship, yes, that’s a very good point. Yes, I would say that. Now there are always exceptions to that but there’ve been damn few. Yeah.

Mick O’Regan: So is it the White House laying down what they think is appropriate journalism, or is it the news media outlets deciding that they have to be patriotic, that they’re under some sort of undeclared duty at the moment, to somehow reflect the patriotism of the American public?

Hunter S. Thompson: Well it goes a little deeper than that, because this Administration is well on the road to seizing power, and Tom Dashell, the Senate Democratic leader the other day accused Bush of trying to seize dictatorial powers. Now that was a big breakthrough, and I’m starting to sense that the tide may be turning against the President; we have to beat this bastard one way or another. And the American government is the greatest enemy of freedom around the world that I can think of. And we keep waving that flag, freedom, yes, these people are flag-suckers.

Read more.

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