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Elite XC on CBS Coverage (07-26-2008)

Posted by invizweb on July 26, 2008

American Dog commercials

Who is this commentator? I do not recognize the voice. That’s Gus?

Shayna Baszler vs Christiane Cyborg Evangelista

NIck Thompson vs Jake Shields

Nick Diaz vs Thomas Denny (By the way now that I know they will not air the Noons footage I think they will deserve their failure when they do not sell that match. That will be sad.)

Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith

Match One: Shayna Baszler vs Cristiane Cyborg Evangelista

R1: Shayna has a garage band gimmick. MAURO~! Holy shit the ring is filled with blood already. Bantamweight? Gina Carano cannot fight them; she will not make weight. Booed Mazagatti is ref. Steve M look like a douche. CYBO starts out with punches. More punches by Cyber. Baszler is knocked down and pulled guard and attempts a Kneebar/Toehold Combo. Lady Cyber escapes and hits a Flurry on top of 1/2 guard. Cyber punches from the top of guard. Shayna dives for an ankle. Damn Cyber has dexterous legs to have them stretched so far back. Watch the back of the head ‘borg

R2: Cyborg hits some cut kicks and then some Knees. Shayna clinches. Shayna drops her mouth piece as she is knocked down. She is gasped. Baszler is knocked down again but she is not knocked out. Cyborg did not understand that the fight is still on. Cyborg unleashes some punches. She is pissed. Shayna pulls guard but Cyborg gets up. Shayna is hit with a Low Cut and then Cyborg wins with a hook. Gina looks worried watching the ending footage.

Winner: Cris Cyborg (R2 2:48 TKO) Shayna Blaszer

Gina is interviewed and claimed she is interested though I think otherwise. Thumbs up fight.

RNC, Armbar, and the submissions from last time’s FAQ video are replayed.

Fight Two: NIck Thompson vs Jake Shields (Elite XC World Welterweight Title Match)

R1: Bar exam, eh? Good luck wih that man. Nick still has the BoDog belt. Steve is ref again. Shields with a a Double to Mount. Nick pushes off the cage but Shields quickly grabs a Guillotine. Shields wins. That was a Twisting Guillotine. Almost a Neck Crank.

Winner: Jake Shields (R1 1:03 Submission via Modified Guillotine) Nick Thompson- Jake Shields is the 1st Elite XC World Welterweight Champion

Show returns with a plug for CBS Sports Online. Kimbo is being interviewed. Kimbo is being genial about how his life has changed for the best. He wants a KO for his next fight.

Fight Three: Nick Diaz vs Thomas Denny

R1: This is a good round. Denny was in control to start tagging Diaz then getting a Rear Waistlock and punching Diaz in Turtle. He hit some Thai Clinch Knees and popped out with Elbows. Denny hits a Flying Superman Left. Then Diaz started using his reach to first sting then rock Denny for the rest of the round. Diaz knocks Denny down. Diaz continues the rhythm. Round ends with him getting Double Overhooks and lands some Body Shots.

R2: Diaz comes in with Punches. Diaz ends it with a Hook and then Uppercut I think. I think NIck has found his calling finally. Ge GETS IT~!

Winner: Nick Diaz (R2 0:30 TKO via Punches) Thomas Denny. Diaz won with 60% of strikes landing. Great match but not Smith/ Lawler I.

Antonio Silva’s fight is replayed. Silva is the First EliteXC World Heavyweight Champion. His fight looks like an Easter Island Moai.

Fight Four: Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith II (for the EliteXC World Middleweight Title)

My prediction? The fight will be shorter and not as good. I should have spent time between fights working on the site or studying for my test. Uh oh why is Anderson Silva letting himself get taped for TV? Why is Mauro putting over UFC? Burger King is sponsoring the Tale of the Tape. Irony?

Computer crapped out at the beginning of the match.  Sorry folks.  Fight did not live up to expectations as I predicted.  The fight was mostly Lawler though Smith got in a series of 3 Diagonal Elbows in Round 2 that busted Lawler hardway.  Lawler however put down Smith with Plum Clinch Knees to the Body then the Head, followed by Body Soccerball Kicks.

Winner:  Robbie Lawler (R2 TKO 2:35) Scott Smith

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