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Alfonso Dantes, father of Apolo Dantes, inventor of the Tiger Suplex y Leyenda de Lucha Libre, passes away at the age of 65

Posted by invizweb on July 30, 2008

Thanks to Kris Z.

Alfonso “El Tanque” Dantes died today at his home in Mananzillo at the age of 65 but a cause of death hasn’t been reported yet.

Dantes started wrestling at 17-years-old in 1960 in Morelia using the name of Edmundo Dantes after going through rigorous training from his maestro Diablo Velasco. Alfonso came from great stock as his father Al Amezcua (Golden Terror) was a great wrestler and his brother Vick Amezcua would go on to fame as Septiembre Negro. Alfonso’s sons Apolo & Cesar would go on to become stars as well and he would often team with them before he retired.

Alfonso’s greatest claim to fame would probably be that he created the Toque Tapatio otherwise known as the Tiger Suplex that Satoru Sayama would perfect as Tiger Mask. Alfonso took the hair of many wrestlers with the best known being El Faraon & El Halcon who was his main rival throughout their careers. Alfonso also held many titles as he was an Occidental Middleweight champion, which started his legendary run in his home of Guadalajara, 3-time Mexican National Lt. Heavyweight champion, 5-time NWA World Lt. Heavyweight champion (which was considered “his title”), and a 2-time Mexican National Heavyweight champion.

Alfonso also became a big name working for Mike LeBell in Los Angeles in the 60’s and 70’s where he would he be a co-holder of the Americas Tag Titles with partners such as Francisco Flores, El Medico, & Mil Mascaras. Dantes would also become a charter member of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame in 1996.

Alfonso’s body is expected to be taken to his hometown of Guadalajara tomorrow for the funeral ceremony. Descanse en Paz, El Tanque.


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