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2008 Beijing Olympics Womens’ Freestyle Wrestling Preview and Competitor List

Posted by invizweb on August 4, 2008

Country 48 55 63 72 Total
Azerbaijan Elena Komarova Olesja Zamula 3
Australia Kyla Bremner 1
Belarus Alena Filipova Olga Khilko 2
Brazil Rosangela Conceicao 1
Bulgaria Elina Vaseva Stanka Zlateva Hristova 2
Cameroon Laure Ali Annabel 1
Canada Carol Huynh Tonya Verbeek Martine Dugrenier Ohenewa Akuffo 4
China Xiaomei Li Li Xu Haiyan Xu Xu Wang 4
Columbia Jacqueline Renteira 1
Egypt Haiat Farag 1
France Vanessa Boubreymm Lise Golliot-Legrande Audrey Prieto-Bokhashvili 3
Germany Alexandra Engelhardt Anita Schaetzle 2
Guam Maria Dunn 1
Hungary Mariana Sastin 1
Japan Chiharu Icho Saori Yoshida Kaori Icho Kyoko Hamaguchi 4
Kazakhstan Tatyana Batatyuk Olga Smirnova Elena Shalygina Olga Zhanibekova 4
Moldova Ludmila Cristea 1
Mongolia Tsogtbazar Enkhjargal Nydan Otgonjargal Badrakh Odonchimeg 3
Nigeria Amarachi Obiajunwa 1
Poland Monika Ewa Michalik Agnieszka Wieszczek 2
Romania Estera Dobre Ana Maria Paval 2
Russia Zamira Rakhmanova Natalya Golts Alena Kartaschova Elena Perepelkina 4
El Salvador Ingrid Cuellar 1
S. Korea Hyung-Joo Kim 1
Spain Teresa Mendez Maider Unda Gonzales de Audicana 2
Sweden Sofia Mattson Ida Therese Nerell Jenny Fransson 3
Tunisia Marwa Amri 1
Ukraine Audrey Stadnik; Irina Melnik-Merleni Yulia Ostapchuk Svetlana Sayenko 3
USA Clarissa Chun Marcie Van Dusen Randi Miller Ali Bernard 4
Venezuela Mayelis Caripa Castillo Marcia Andrade Mendoza 2
17 15 17 16 65


Kyoko Hamaguchi is the daughter of former New-Japan and All-Japan Pro Wrestling worker and trainer (of Satoshi Kojima and Tomoaki Hionma), Animal Hamaguchi. At the 2004 Olympics, when Kyoko was defeated by the eventual gold medalist China’s Xu Wang, Animal jumped the barricades to argue with the ref. In the past, Kyoko has done “exhibition” matches with All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, with her losing match at the Big Egg Universe in 1994 at the Tokyo Dome in from of 30,000 + coming to mind. Her PR engine makes constant claims with her “revitalizing Women’s Pro Wrestling” or “making Women’s MMA” as a future prospect but at age 30, that will be rough for either sport to begin, though Sumie Sakai, Japanese female Judo Champion, started Pro Wrestling in her late 20s and her MMA career just two years ago at age 34. I foresee her getting a Silver or Bronze medal in her weight class and then retiring after this year’s World Championships to do a match at New Year’s Eve for DREAM, as FEG has had women’s matches on New Year’s Eve and Hamaguchi is big news among combat sports circles enough to be two matches before the main event. Since HUSTLE’s “Chie” Chieko Ishii has made challenges to Hamaguchi in the pat it would not be a surprise to see that match at K1 Dynamite. However, they might pony up the money to put an ex Japan Women’s Judo team member opposite of her for a match. And in regards to her and Pro Wrestling, I do not think anyone, not even the second most famous female combat sports athlete (next to Ryoko Tani), can revive Women’s Wrestling now in Japan though she may work some days here and there for HUSTLE and Zero-One, where the money are. She could also cut weight and squash the Conviction of Elite XC but theres no money to be made in the States where she would not be marketed correctly.

Rosangela Conceicao is the 2007 Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Absolute Weight Class Silver Medalist and 2005 PanAm 72 Kg Freestyle Wrestling Champion. She has met Kyoko Hamaguchi on the freestyle mats before. I feel that she can get 4th or 5th place and then get signed by Elite XC to face Cristianne Cyborg after she gives Gina Carano a rhinoplasty.

Xu Wang defeated Kyoko Hamaguchi. However, in the past few years she has not been doing as well getting only 5th at last year’s world Championships.

Kaori and Chiharu Icho are famous wrestling sisters in the same vein as the Yamamoto family (consisting of siblings: kid, Seiko and Enson Inoue’s ex-wife Miyu; and their father, Ikue), though not as big yet I would guess. Along with Saori Yoshida, the Ichos were team mates of the Yamamotos in the past.

Clarissa Chun is a wrestler whose career I have followed for a long time. She is of Chinese-Japanese descent. Represent la raza girl. She is the PanAm 48kg Champ and a multi-time national champ.

Iran has a fine wrestling program but because it imposes Sharia law, women are to allowed to compete as it would have the women out of the hijab veil. Although Egypt and Tunisia are mostly Islamic countries, especially Egypt with institutionalization of the sounding of adhan prayer calls, they are not countries with the Sharia as codified law, and thus women can compete on the Wrestling team. With regards to the Turkish women Wrestlers, they simply did not qualify in international competition.



G Chiharu Icho (Japan). Chiharu has been on a competition roll since 2004 winning gold or silver except at the 2007 Asian Championships. I can see her doing the same in Beijing.
S Irina Melnik-Merleni (Ukraine). She is attractive. Irina won the Olympics last time when she bested Chiharu. That has not happened again since then. It probably would not happen again as Chiharu has learned from that mistake.

B Clarissa Chun (USA) Because the IOC is racist against Overseas and American Born Chinese (see Michelle Kwan). She is a tough girl, tough enough to beat any of the fourteen other girls not int he medal contention but the competition is tougher up top. She will beat Li Xiaomei (she has such a cute name: Xiao Mei means “little beauty”) in Chinese vs Chinese violence much to the liking of Klansmen everywhere.


G Saori Yoshida (Japan). Saori Yoshida has won Gold Medals in every major adult international Women’s Freetyle Wrestling event since 2002, and international kid’s and school age competitions since 1998. The one time she lost, was to Marcie van Dusen, and it was not sanctioned by the IOC, and since then Saori has only seen gold. If I was an MMA group that promotes women’s bouts, i would put alot of money on getting her. Think of the headlines: Undefeated Women’s Wrestling World and Olympic Champion to fight in your hometown.

S Natalya Golts (Russia). The current European Champion for th epast three years will see silver again in World competition. In my opinion as a male (and this is not where my sports analysis comes in), I think she is pretty attractive also.

B Marcia Andrade Mendoza (Venezuela). Marcia gets the Bronze in a stunning upset against Marcie van Dusen and Hugo laughs as his dama sticks it to the pigs up north. Venezuelan neighborhoods across the world hold festivals and street fairs. Hugo Chavez holds a parade in her honor also.


G Kaori Icho (Japan). Her record mirrors that of her sister’s except shes been doing it since 2002. Icho sisters will go all the way.

S Haiyan Xu (China). After many years in Olympic competition, the member of the Chinese Army team finally breaks through her glass ceiling but is outpointed by Icho at the last second.

B Badrakh Odonchimeg (Mongolia). In what will be considered a stunning upset, Mongolia’s Ordonchimeg will best Russia’s Kartaschova.


G Stanka Zlateva Hristova (Bulgaria).

S Xu Wang (China). Will beat Kyoko again leading to…

B Kyoko Hamaguchi (Japan)… Animal doing his traditional Olympic stand jumping and is ejected and locked up in Beijing prison where he is the best Shooter in his cell block. They might keep him as a hostage so they can improve the chances on their men’s team and get the good Deca. Maybe they want to start All-Chinese Pro Wrestling also (to capitalize how well Dragon Gate and WWE draws in Beijing) and do not have a clue so they get him where he cannot leave. Gives new meaning to being locked into a contract. See my prediction for Kyoko’s future above. Kyoko gets this spot beating Rosangela or Russia’s Perepelkina.

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