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2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Women’s -52kg and Men’s -66kg Results/ Play by Play

Posted by invizweb on August 10, 2008

I’m back. I hope…

Women’s -52kg Repechenge Final: Ilse Heylen (Belgium) vs Shopan Kaliyeva (Kazakhstan)

I was not even done typing when Heylen charged in and Shopan flipped her over.

Result: Shopan Kaliyeva (Ippon) 0:13 via Ippon Seioh Nage

Women’s -52kg Semifinal: Kum Ae An (North Korea) vs Misato Nakamura (Japan)

Our two gladiatrixes circles each other waiting for an opening. Just a little grip will do. Kum Ae won most of today’s matches by Ippon while Misato did not. An has blocked every Ippon Seioh Nage attempt by sprawling. An is snapping Misato down alot or maybe she’s just charging in too much. I guess its the latter as An nealy flipped her over on one but she did a headstand giving An only a point. I think I am sobered up right now from too much sleep as I do not feel as witty. The same probably said for Nakamura. I know of another Misato who starts everyday with miso soup and sake. I bet Nakamura is wishing it’s the next day now. At the last minute An blocked a throw and just shoved her down.

Result: An via shido

Women’s -52kg Semifinal: Dongmei Xian (China) vs Soraya Haddad (Algeria)

where the fuck is the match?

Result: Dongmei Xian (Ippon) 1:21

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