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2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Women’s -52kg and Men’s -66kg Results/ Play by Play

Posted by invizweb on August 10, 2008

I’m back. I hope…

Women’s -52kg Repechenge Final: Ilse Heylen (Belgium) vs Shopan Kaliyeva (Kazakhstan)

I was not even done typing when Heylen charged in and Shopan flipped her over.

Result: Shopan Kaliyeva (Ippon) 0:13 via Ippon Seioh Nage

Women’s -52kg Semifinal: Kum Ae An (North Korea) vs Misato Nakamura (Japan)

Our two gladiatrixes circles each other waiting for an opening. Just a little grip will do. Kum Ae won most of today’s matches by Ippon while Misato did not. An has blocked every Ippon Seioh Nage attempt by sprawling. An is snapping Misato down alot or maybe she’s just charging in too much. I guess its the latter as An nealy flipped her over on one but she did a headstand giving An only a point. I think I am sobered up right now from too much sleep as I do not feel as witty. The same probably said for Nakamura. I know of another Misato who starts everyday with miso soup and sake. I bet Nakamura is wishing it’s the next day now. At the last minute An blocked a throw and just shoved her down.

Result: An via shido

Women’s -52kg Semifinal: Dongmei Xian (China) vs Soraya Haddad (Algeria)

where the fuck is the match?

Result: Dongmei Xian (Ippon) 1:21

How did I get to this point of ecstatic madness by the wee hours of morning? Well to recap earlier in the night:

I am going to lose my mind. I have both NBC telecast on simultaneously because I do not want to miss any of the action especially of grapplers I am scouting.

Women’s -52kg Pool Round of 32 Results:

1) Kum Ae An (North Korea) defeated Yagnelys Mestre (Cuba) 201 -0

2) Marcia Garcia (Domican Republic) def Andressa Fernandes (Brazil) via Chu (10-1)

3) Soraya Haddad (Algeria) def Marie Muller (Luxemborg) via Asawate Ippon 2:21 (211-0)

4) Romy Rangul (Germany) defeated Zinura Djuraeva (Uzbekhistan) via Ippon 4:48 (Arm Triangle/ Kata Gatame?)

5) Ilse Heylen (Belgium) defeated Audrey La Rizza (France) via Ippon 2:51

6) Anna Carrascosa (Spain) def Bundmaa Munkhbataar (Mongolia) via Waza (100-0)

I told her she should have used a Heel Hook~!

All the other women got byes.

Women’s -52kg Pool Round of 16 Results:

1) Pool C: Dongmei Xian (China) defeats Anna Carrascosa (Spain) via Ippon 3:43 (????)

Crowd is hot for my homegirl. Double Pistol Grip fight, and they try to sweep at each other’s legs. Xian got her down but she landed on her stomach though the pop was great. Canton wins again~! She got an underhook and landed on Anna somehow. She also did a Flair Flop. She waved to the crowd she’s ok though.

2) Pool D: Kim Kongyuk (South Korea) defeats Maria Garcia (Dominican Republic) via Ippon (Kata Gatame Pin)

Damn these girls are screaming like Melina. And they are as brutal to each other as Melina Perez and Beth Phoenix. Kim got Garcia down for a point when she transitioned a shoot into a Waist Lock Takedown turning Maria on her hips for a few secs. Kim got an ankle pick but Maria switched out and got her own ankle and then rode the back. Kim then tripped her downed and pinned her for 20 seconds in the Kata Gatame Position
for the Ippon.

3) Pool D: Soraya Haddad (Algeria) defeats Hortance Diedhiou (Senegal) via Yuko

Hadad spiked Hortance with a Head Spike Kata Guruma from kneeling. It was reminiscent of Meiko Satomura’s Death Valley Driver.

4) Pool A: Flor Angela Velasquez Artahona (Venezuela) is defeated by Kum Ae An (North Korea) via Chui (10-1)

Kum Ae gets a Shido after a minute or so. Velasquez tried a Tai Otoshi or something and An countered by sprawling on top. Velasquez got a Shido point while I was typing. the score went up to 10 for An when she hit something I missed. Damn.

5) Pool A: Shopan Kaliyeva (Kazakhstan) defeats Pei-Chun Shih (Taiwan) via Shido 21-20

Kaliyeva early on hit a Tai Otoshi that was reminiscent of a Headlock Takedown. Then Shih fired back with a Tani Otoshi. Score is now 21-11 for Kaliyeva. Shih is going for a Juji. 21-20 for Kaliyeva. Crowd is pro Shih. Shih could not make it though.

6) Pool B: Misato Nakamura (Japan) defeats Romy Tarangul (Germany) via Hantei during the Bonus Round (1-0)

7) Pool C: Telma Monteiro (Portugal) defeated Anna Kharitonova (Russa) via Ippon 2:17

8) Pool B: Ilse Heylen (Belgium) defeated Kristie-Anne Ryder (Australia) via Ippon 1:33

Women’s -52kg Pool Quarterfinal Results:

1)  Pool C:  Dongmei Xian (China) defeats Telma Monteiro (Portugal) via Ippon 4:15 (Uranage)

Telma gets 10. Telma shoots in and Xian gets her back with a Switch. Xian gets 10 by the edge of the mat with a Morote Gari. Xian shot in and got a Double Leg landing Monteiro on her side to bring her score up to 11. Telma got a Double landing Xian on her stomach but Xian gets her back with one while she was on her stomach. is Xian going for a Sode Guruma? Cantonese 2-0 as she hit what looked to be a Uranage~!

2) Pool A:  Kum Ae An (North Korea) defeats Sholpan Kaliyeva (Kazakhstan) via Ippon 1:35

3) Pool B:  Misato Nakamura (Japan) defeats Ilse Heylen

4) Pool D:  Soraya Haddad (Algeria) defeated Kyung Ok Kim (South Korea)

Men’s -66kg Round of 32 Results:

Masato Uchishiba (Japan) defeated Juan Jacinto Jimenez (Dominican Republic) via Ippon

He hit him with a move that looked like the Celtic Cross. It was in fact, awesome.

Giovanni Nicola Casale (Italy) defeated Felipe Novoa (Chile) via Ippon (Uchi Mata)

Pedro Dias (Portugal) defeated Ludwing Manuel Ortiz Flores via Waza Ari

Flores got the back and went for a Juji but no dice. Flores tried a Juji then from N/S and still no dice. After snapping down, Flores grabs his waist and turns him over a few times to get the Back and Hooks in, That would be full on points in Freestyle Wrestling. That sport I understand more some times, though they do breed alot of Dry Humping Laying Prayers. This is starting to be a war of attrition. Flores got a single but could not get him on his back. keeps falling on his wrist to prevent being scored on. I guess he will have serious arthritis in 5 or so years. Dias tacked Flores with a Morote Gari and now Dias is bleeding. If Flores thought of going for a Guillotine if it was legal of course…Oh, thats the back of his head. That’s stupid then. Not to be crass, the next time he pulls a stunt like that I hope he gets a mild concussion. And yes I had some before so I know how they feel.

Marali Sharpinov defeated Ippon (Spain) via Oscar Penas (Tomoe Nage)

Joao Derly (Brazil) defeated Joojin Kim (South Korea) via Koka

Taylor Takata (USA) defeated Tariel Zinitridis (Greece) via Golden Point

Taylor and Z fought for positioning and Takata eventually got the Greek on his back but they were OOB. They had to go into Lightning Round er Golden Point Mode. Takata won here with an Ankle Hold Kareline Lift of sorts landing Tariel on the side of his knees. Thats gotta hurt in the morning. Thank goodness Tylenol is a sponsor.

Yordanis Arencibia (Cuba) defeated Daniel Garcia Gonzales via Ippon (Kata Guruma)

Good Gods. A Diagonal Flipping FU~! with the Cuban landing on top. I copyright that as the Cuba Missile Crisis(C) That hoss herked that boy up. Screw you to hell John Cena. You ain’t shit!! Since poaching Cuban athletes is the thing no, maybe Vince should consider getting Yordanis a developmental contract. Hey, it might help attract the Hispanic demographic. Of course I think they should get African-French Demitri Dragin cuz of hsi physique and his name. DRAGIN would make a great name for a worker.

I wonder is watching two Judo matches on split screens scrambling my brian. I know it is to my cable connection.


Masato Uchishiba defeats Arash Miresmaeli (Iran) via Yuko (20-0).

Masato got 10 points with a Tomoe Nage. He attempts what appears to be an Octopus Hold. He gets another 10 with another Tomoe Nage.

Taylor Takata (USA) defeats Dex Elmont (Nederlands) via Hantei

Takata begins the match nearly breaking his nose on a fall. The match goes into Golden Score mode.
Elmont tried an Ipponsei but Takata landed on his stomach.

Yordanis Arencibia (Cuba) defeats Aheen El Hady (egypt) via Hantei (1-0)

Head ref Akiko Amano looks young for this job. The two guys start off gripfighting. Yordanis pulls Guard and looks like the is trying got a Collar Choke but Akiko stands them back up and restarts in the center. I actually have no idea what Shido are for. I should look that up. But now at 0:12 remaining they both have 1 point. Aheen calls a timeout for eye poke or dropped contacts? I think he faked the foule. Golden Score time. Yordanis’ foot got cut on an attempted takedown by El. And Arencibia got the score with a Kosoto Gari?

And to continue my post 6:00 AM ravings.

Men’s -66kg Repechenge Final: Alim Gadanov (Russia) vs Giovanni Casale (Italy)

Did NBC decide not to air it. They only have on feed right now. Was that what the two women were watching from the previous match? If so, fuck NBC. After getting two Shidos via Double Legs, Casale gets 10 with a Morote Gari. Kamikaze~! Kata Guruma gets the Ippon for Alim. These refs are so humorless. I bet the Tower of London guards are more fun.

Result: Alim Gadanov (Ippon) 2:44 via Kata Guruma

Men’s -66kg Semifinal: Chol Min Pak (North Korea) vs Benjamin Darbelet (France)

Chol Min has a big head. It looks disproportionate to his body. Someone get this kid a meal. What the hell did Ben just do? It looked like he was wiping Pak across the mat between his legs. He got a Shido for that? Good fucking grief. Benny got him in a tight Juji Gatame but Pak muscled out of it. Pak looked like he was going for an ipponsei but Benny Waistlocked him and fell back into a funky German Suplex. Pak rushed Benjamin down and Benjamin looked like he wanted an Arm Triangle from the bottom but did not get it. Darbelet turned the charge into another Freestyle Suplex. Ref wonders why they are not getting up. He gets his answer.

Result: Darbelet (Awasete Ippon) via Suplay

Men’s -66kg Semifinal: Yordanis Arencibia (Cuba) vs Masato Uchishiba (Japan)

Women’s -52kg Bronze Medal Match: Sholpan Kaliyeva (Kazakhstan) vs Soraya Haddad (Algeria)

Soraya got 10 points off the bat going for some sort of Uranage but fell forward instead prolly to fool Sholpan. She gets 100 countering a charge. And another 1 when Sholpan runs OOB. When I was checking for the other feed Soraya got another 11 points. Sholpan got 10 from a well-time shot. I just learned Algeria has a good Judo program in the last two days.

Result: Soraya Haddad via Waza. Haddad wins the Bronze Medal.

Women’s -52kg Bronze Medal Match: Kongyuk Kim (South Korea) vs Misato Nakamura (Japan)

Nakamura took no chances. She got Kim down when Kongyuk failed a Ipponsei and held her in Ushiro Kesa Gatame (North South )for a 20 second pin though I dunno if the shoulder were both down.

Result: Nakamura (Awasete Ippon) via Pin. Nakamura wins the Bronze Medal.

Women’s -52kg Gold Medal Match: Dongmei Xian (China) vs Kum Ae An (North Korea)

The referee of this match is fro Brazil. He is not a Gracie. I think…Xian rushes in for an Ipponsei but An blocks. My homegirl had her in a Pistol Grip face down. She should have tried for the Rice Bale Choke (Rolling Anaconda). She gets a Shido point. The Chinese crowd definitely popped when Xian got a High Single Leg and turned An on her back for 10. Dongmei tried an Ipponsei on Kum Ae but the North Korean landed on her stomach so Xian tried a neck bridge to turn her over. It didn’t work but it sure must have felt like shit for the both of them. Kum Ae gets a point for turning over a charge in the last minute. But its too late. CHINA WINS!! Arriba la raza Chines. CANTONESE #1. Mandarins 0. GUANGDONG YUN TIAN HA DAI 1. Crowd roars in excitement. She is being carried away by her coach. It is 7:00 Am Eastern but 7:00 PM in China. I hope the Beijing Ya (Peking Duck) is good tonight. She parades with the flag as we go to the next match. Someone should probably get her a Hot Pot with the best ingredients for the Soup.

Result: Xian Dongmei via Yuko. She retains her title and is the 2008 Olympic -52kg Women’s Judo Gold Medlaist. Kum Ae An is the Silver Medalist.

Men’s -66kg Bronze Medal Match: Alim Gadanov (Russia) vs Yordanis Arencibia (Cuba)

Poor Yordanis didn’t beat Masato then. Damn he locked in a Crotch Clinch and I thought he was gonna kill Alim with an Exploder Suplex. Alim tried for a Juji but he was OOB. Alim gets a Shido. Ooh. Yordanis splattered Gadanov on his face with a Ashi Guruma for 10. Is Yordanis trying to get a Sliding Leglock on a Russian? If so he should be more covert about it. Yordanis gets Alim’s back but could not get anything. Match ends with both men circling and then…

Result: Yordanis Arencibia via Yuko. Yordanis gets a Bronze Medal.

He is not that happy. He really wanted Gold or atleast Silver I guess. Can someone put in a word with Shane? McMahon not Douglas.

Men’s -66kg Bronze Medal Match: Mirali Sharipov (Uzbekhistan) vs Chol Min Pak (North Korea)

Mirali goes for a Juji off the bat and Pak wants to spike him out of it but the ref yells for break. Mirali tried a Tomoe Nage but Chol Min landed to his side on his feet. I think Pak wanted a Juji but Miarli just fell forward to counter. Mirali got his back, turns over, and is trying for an Arm Triangle to no avail. I usually do not say this in Judo but he should have went for the pin. Pak hits him with a Ippon Seioh Nage from a kneeling position when he came forward and got 100 points. Fuck… I actually enjoyed Mirali’s performance. When the buzzer rang, Pak showed no regard for his opponent whom he lucked out on beating and just brushed him aside.

Result: Choi Min Pak via Waza. Cho Min Pak wins a Bronze.

Pak made a gesture to Mirali as he left the mat. What an asshole.

Men’s -66kg Gold Medal Match: Masato Uchishiba (Japan) vs Benjamin Darbelet (France)

Masato rolled him down with a Tawara Gaeshi. That was definitely a Spike DDT. He gets the tap out due to that immediately when he pins him down for 5 seconds with an apparent Far Side Armbar. Not related to the comics I am sure.

Result: Masato Uchishiba (Ippon) 1:08 via Armbar (and possibly a TKO). Masato Uchishiba retains his title and is the is the 2008 Olympic -66 kg Men’s Judo Champion. Darbelet is the Silver Medalist (whenever he can recover from what has to be a concussion)

And now its time to present the medals to the Women. I wonder will everyone behave. Nakamura is still not too happy. Haddad is really enjoying the moment. Cheer up Misato, there is always the Worlds and the next Olympics. If Tani can do it I do not see why you cannot. Sure she’s a legend but Misato cannot be more than her late 20s. Kum Ae An is tearful as she gets pops from the crowd and her Silver Medal. And finally the Olympic Champion, XIAN DONGMEI gets a crazy elongated pop. Why not? She is slowly going towards legendtude. I am sure she has acheived more than most from Sihui, who is relatively a village compared to Guangzhou. She recites the anthem as it blares on the speakers and probably thinks of making a call home to her kid and tell her “Mommy’s got the gold”. The other medalists rush her to take the celebratory pic but Misato is playing with her belt and looking downcast. She should really think about the female Judoka from Nepal who had no shot of winning but came for the experience of a lifetime. I think she sees some friend sin the crowd because she finally gets a smile in. Maybe she is just stoic cuz thats how Japanese athletes are supposed to be in public. We are talking about a country that locks people away for decades for MJ possession. Amnesty International and the Human rights Watch need to talk about them for that. Legalization NOW~!

And for the men. I wonder if Benjamin has recovered. ITS ANTON GEESINK formerly of All Japan Pro Wrestling. Hey Benjamin looks okay so I can return to my day in peace. Yordanis and Alim are not as animated as Haddad but Yordanis raises his medal for the world to see and Pak follows suit. I think Benjamin has a small shiner but hes almost marking out than Anton Geesink, the one of the first non Japanese medalist is shaking his hands. And with that I depart so good day my friends. And get off the Internet once in awhile and read something fun. There is no reason to get pissed about this stuff. It’s just sports.


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    The 2008 Olympic games from Beijing and started and I couldn\’t be happier. I am a huge fan of the olympics and will be watching as many olympic events as I can….

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