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2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Women’s -57kg and Men’s -73kg Judo Results with Play by Play

Posted by invizweb on August 11, 2008

Women’s -57kg Round of 32:

1) Ketleyn Quadros(USA) def Gulzat Uralbayeva (Kazakhstan) via Ippon 3:46

2) Ketleyn Quadros (Brazil) 11 def. Sin-Young Kang (South Korea) 2

3) Yan Xu (China) def Lila Latrous (Algeria) via Ippon 3:47

4) Giulia Quintaville (Italy) 101 def. Yvonne Boenisch (Germany) 0 via Waza

5) Sun Hui Kye (North Korea) def. Sabrina Filzmoser (Austria) via ippon 4:22

6) Yurisleydis Lupitey (Cuba) 111 def. Ange Mercie Jean Baptiste 0 via Waza

Women’s -57kg Round of 16:

I will get to this later today

Women’s -57kg Qurterfinal Pools:

1) Pool A: Deborah Grevenstijn (Nederlands) def. Isabel Fernandez (Spain) via Ippon 1:26

2) Pool B: Yan Xu (China) 10 def. Aiko Sato (Japan) 2

3) Pool C: Giulia Quintavalle (Italy) 10 def. Barbara Harel (France) 1

4) Pool D: Maria Pekli (Australia) def. Nesrine Jlassi (Tunisia) via Ippon

Women’s -57kg Repechage Preliminaries:

1) Nina Koivumaki (Finland) def Lila Latrous (Algeria) via Ippon (1:33)

2) Yvonne Boenisch (Germany) 110 def Erdenet-Od Khishigbat (Mongolia) 1

Women’s -57kg Second Repechage:

1) Ketleyn Quadros (Brazil) def. Isabel Fernandez (Spain) via Ippon 4:27

2) Aiko Sato (Japan) def. Nina Koivumaki (Finland) via Ippon 3:00

3) Barbara Harel (France) 1 def. Yvonne Boenisch (Germany) 0 via Koka

4) Bernadett Baczko (Hungary) def. Nesrine Jlassi (Tunisia) via Ippon 3:22

Men’s -73kg Second Repechage:

1) Yusuke Kanamaru (Japan) def. Dasdavaa Gantumur (Mongolia) via ippon 0:35

2) Dirk Van Tichelt (Belgium) def. Chol Su Kim (North Korea) via Ippon 4:26

3) Genadiy Bilodid (Ukraine) def. Rijigawa Si (China) via Ippon 1:40

4) Leandro Guilhero (Brazil) def. Shokir Muminov (Uzbekhistan) via Ippon 1:51

Women’s -57kg Final Repechage:

1) Ketleyn Quadros (Brazil) vs Aiko Sato (Japan)

Result: Ketleyn Quadros via Ippon 1:00

2) Barbara Harel (France) vs Bernadett Baczko (Hungary)

Result: Barbara Harel 110-10

Women’s -57kg Semifinal: Deborah Grevenstijn (Nederlands) vs Yan Xu (China)

Result: Deborah Grevenstijn 100-10

And we are back with some more Judo fun this morning.

Women’s -57kg Semifinal: Giulia Quintavalle (Italy) vs Maria Pekli (Australia)

Pekli scores a point on Quintavalle somewhere during the third minute. Giulia gets a point shortly thereafter. Giulia’s strategy is to peck at Maria’s leg with her toes as if going for a trip. Giulia gets 10 points on something not replayed. Pekli tried for an Ippon Seioh Nage on Giulia but the Italian landed on her shoulder blade to not lose the match. That earned Pekli a point. Giulia is favoring her shoulder now. I think Quintavalle might not continue to the next round even if she “wins” this one.

Result: Giulia Quintavalle (Italy) via Chui

Men’s -73kg Final Repechage:

1) Leandro Guilhero (Brazil) vs Genadiy Bilodid (Ukraine)

Leandro went for an Ipponsei but Genadiy Genadiy rolled onto his stomach in midflight. Leandro got something which earned him 10 points. However, as usual NBC did not capture the moment well. Score is 10-1 for Leandro by 2 minutes remaining. Leandro got 100 points now probably due to Genadiy’s passivity. Judges confer. Match is stopped with 0:42 remaining.

Result: Leandro Guilhero (Brazil) via Keikoku

Lemme look that term up. Oh Genadi was penalized for a major Penalty. He was DQed~! Fleeing? Actually he apparently did something very dangerous to get that. And a chui is a violation also. So Pekli in the previous match was penalized cuz Giulia on her own volition landed on her shoulder? Ridiculous.

2) Dirk Van Tichelt (Belgium) def. Yusuke Kanamaru (Japan) via ippon 4:04

Women’s -57kg Bronze Medal Match: Ketleyn Quadros (Brazil) vs Maria Pekli (Australia)

Its down the golden score. Quadros is much more aggressive. She gets Maria on her back but its OOB. Oh yeah Ketleyn gets the BRONZE. She hit a URANAGE~!!! It looked OOB but her two feet were still on the mats. By the way, guess who I am now enamored with. KETLEYN~!

Result: Ketleyn Quadros via Golden Score (URANAGE~!) and a new 2008 -57kg Women’s Judo Bronze Medalist

Women’s -57kg Bronze Medal Match: Yan Xu (China) vs Barbara Harel (France)

My countrywoman is not doing too well. At 3:33 or so, Barbara hit a Double Leg into a Jacknife Bridge for 100 points. Bringing her total to 101. And the tide changed in less than a minute. CHINA wins~! Yan is now doing cartwheels around the arena. It looked like she countered an Ippon Seioh Nage attempt with a Uchi Mata type move. And the French coach fell off the stage in rage.

Result: Yan Xu via Ippon 2:51 (Uchi Mata Makikomi) a new 2008 -57kg Women’s Judo Bronze Medalist

Women’s -57kg Gold Medal Finals: Deborah Grevenstijn (Nederlands) vs Giulia Quintavalle (Italy)

Giulia does her feet pecking thing again. She turns her back on Deborah and Deborah got her in a Freestyle Crotch Lift landing Quinta on her back but it was OOB. I dunno. Something unsettles me about Giulia’s tactics. I do not like it. I think shes hopped up now on somas also since her last match. I wonder how much her shoulder is bothering her. Maybe the ref shold have taken a urine sample before the match. I think she just got 20 landing Grevenstijn on her sides with an Osoto Otoshi. Deborah needs an Ippon or something equating atleast 100 points to get this one. Oh yeah did I mention Giulia yells like Hiroshi Hase every time she tries something. She is my Melina I guess. 11-0 at 07 secs remaining, And Giulia makes odd hand gestures. I do not think the tournament format is condusive to finding champions by the way, so I would agree with Mike Couglin on that. I think Quintavalle would not beat say Sun Hui Kye 10/10 matches but Sun lost on a technicality and was not in the repechage, which I still dunno how that system works.

Result: Quintavalle via Yuko. She gets a Gold Meal. I meant Medal.

Men’s -73kg Bronze Medal Match: Dirk Tan Tichelt (Nederlands) vs Rasul Boquiev (Tajikistan)

Result: Rasul Boquiev 11-0 is a new 2008 -73kg Men’s Judo Bronze Medalist.

Postmatch his coach said he can get him an ice cream now. I dunno, I think that might cause vomiting.

Men’s -73kg Bronze Medal Match: Leandro Guilhero (Brazil) vs Ali Malomat (Iran)

That was fast. Good man~!

result: Leandro Guilhero via Ippon 0:28 (Kensuke Saski style Ippon Seioh Nage) and is a new 2008 -73kg Men’s Judo Bronze Medalist.

Men’s -73kg Gold Medal Finals: Ki Chun Wang (South Korea) vs Elnur Mammadli (Azerbaijan)

And I just lost my connection…Screw you again NBC. Damn 13 seconds?

result: Elnur Mammadli via ippon 0:13 is the new 2008 -73kg Men’s Judo Gold Meal Champion


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