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2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Women’s -63kg and Men’s -81kg Judo Results with Play by Play

Posted by invizweb on August 12, 2008

Good Gods its 5:55 AM and I am not even done with the quarter results. Thus I shall step aside for Greco Roman and return to Wrestling with my favorite division Women’s Freestyle (I would also probably watch Women Greco Roman if they had it in the Olympics but FILA believes women are not centered right to do Greco Roman. did I tell you guys how asinine FILA is).

Women’s -63kg Quarterfinals Pool:

1) Pool A: Lucie Decosse (France) def Anna von Hornier (Germany) via Ippon 2:43

2) Pool B: Ok Im Won (Korea North) def Elizabeth Willeboordse (Nederlands) via Ippon 1:52

3) Pool C: Driulis Gonzales (Cuba) 10 def Chin-Fang Wang (Taiwan) 0 via Yuko

4) Pool D: Ayumi Tanimoto (Japan) def. Ja-Young Kong (South Korea) via 2:42

Women’s -63kg Final Repechage:

1) Elizabeth Willeboordse (Nederlands) 1 def Urska Zolnir 0 (Slovenia) via Koka

2) Claudia Heill (Austria) 30 def Ysis Barreto (Venezuela) 1

Women’s -63kg Semifinals:

1) Lucie Decosse (France) def Ok Im Won (Korea North) via Ippon 4:07

2) Ayumi Tanimoto (Japan) def Driulis Gonzales (Cuba) via Ippon 3:34

Men’s -81kg Quarterfinals Pool:

1) Ole Bischof (Germany) 200 def Tiago Camilo (Brazil) 0 via Waza

2) Roman Gontiuk (Ukraine) 121 def Euan Burton (UK) 10

3) Jae-Bum Kim (South Korea) def Joao Neto (Portugal) via ippon 2:42

4) Guillaume Elmont (Netherlands) def. Srdjan Mrvaljevic (Montenegro) via Ippon 1:28

Men’s -81kg Final Repechage:

1) Tiago Camilo (Brazil) 100 def Euan Burton (UK) 10

2) Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren (Mongolia) def Robert Krawczyk (Poland) via Ippon 4:50

Damdinsuren earned this spot and his path to the finals defeating Srdjan Mrvaljevic and Italy’s Maddaloni in Pepechage both by Ippon. He lost his preliminary match against Guillaume Elmont only via Koka (1 point).

Men’s -81kg Semifinals:

1) Ole Bischof (Germany) 11 def Roman Gontiuk (Ukraine) 1

2) Jae-Bum Kim (South Korea) 10 def Guillaume Elmont (Netherlands) 0

Women’s -63kg Bronze Medal Match: Elizabeth Willeboordse (Nederlands) vs Driulis Gonzales (Cuba)

In the last minute Elisabeth pulled Guard but was stood up and Gonzales got waistlock takedowns by will. Golden Score time. Elizabeth tried a Seioh Nahe of sorts and Dri just sprawled on top. Now Elisabeth is more aggressive. What Dri won? No Elisabeth did on a technicality. Apparently Gonzales fouled up. Actually it seems both got Shidos this match. But Gonzales did not show as much of a will for winning it I guess.

Result: Elizabeth Willeboordse via Golden Score. She is now a 2008 -63kg Judo Bronze Medalist.

Women’s -63kg Bronze Medal Match: Ok Im Won (Korea North) vs Claudia Heill (Austria)

From the NBC commentary, Won is very experienced fighting taller opponents (probably due to their lankiness and her base). 2:35 remaining and Claudia gets a point. It seems it was a violation. Won charges at Heill and send her to her Guard but Heill sweeps and gets Ok’s back. She is going for an RNC. She does not get it. Won hits a 100pt Seioh Nage when she gets up. Then she gets another 10 for getting Heill down for a Kata Gatame but it was brief as they went OOB. In the remaining seconds, Claudia went for a grip, Won turned her wrist and sent Elisabeth on her stomach and then rode her back so she could not get any possible points. I will have to remmber that if I ever compete in Grappling.

Result: Ok Im Won via Waza Ari (110-1). She is now a 2008 -63kg Judo Bronze Medalist.

Women’s -63kg Gold Medal Finals: Ayumi Tanimoto (Japan) vs Lucie Decosse (France)

Both women have lapel grips in the opening minute. NBC speculates that Decosse has height and reach but Ayumi speed. And at 3:34 remaining, Tanimoto hits an awesome throw. Decosse is catatonic.

Result: Ayumi Tanimoto (Japan) via Ippon (Hane Goshi?) 1:26 Ayumi Tanimoto is now the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics -63kg Judo Gold Medalist. World Champion Lucie Decosse is now the 2008 -63kg Judo Silver Medalist.

Men’s -81kg Bronze Medal Match: Tiago Camilo (Brazil) vs Guillaume Elmont (Netherlands)

That was an an interesting display by Tiago. Tiago got him with a charging leg sweep half sweep I am not familar with less than half way in for 100 points. I now read thats Ko Uchi makikomi. Then he took Guillaume down and in the final minute transitioned from a Juji Gatame to a Sode Guruma (Sleeve Wheel Choke/ Box Choke) for a tapout.

result: Tiago Camilo (Brazil) via Ippon (Submission via Sode Guruma) . Tiago Camilo is now a 2008 -81kg Bronze Medalist.

Men’s -81kg Bronze Medal Match: Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren (Mongolia) vs Roman Gontiuk (Ukraine)

Young Nyam ate a Tomoe Nage to get Roman 100 points but he sprang back up and asked for more. Roman later gets another 10 by spiking the kid illegally with a Brainbuster DDT it seems. He tries a Kareline style lift but Roman crawls OOB on his stomach. Roman is penalized. I notice NBC commentator doesn’t even try to pronouce Nyam’s name but refers to him as a Mongol. While I was typing Nyam gets another 9. Nyam tackles Roman as he was fleeing. NBC commentator condones fleeing and stalling it seems. Unfortunately it is costing Roman as the score is now 100 for Damdinsuren. Now Roman is feigning an effort by being sloppy in a way that does not cause him to loose like intentionally falling. But he busted his nose. 11 seconds remain and refs are talking to Roman as he is getting his nose fixed. Roman should be scouted by JR. He is a much better heel than Koslov. Too bad this is the Olympics and such shit is utter BS. Roman pushes the man OOB in the last few mins. This guy. I hope he gets overconfident and does MMA so he can get concussed. Trash like him takes credibility away from Judo. He wins via Yuko. Nyam is sad. He worked harder even though he lacked Roman’s skill. He showed more heart though and that should be all that counts when he gets home.

result: Roman Gontiuk via Yuko (110-100). he wins a Bronze but dances like he won the US Presidency.

Men’s -81kg Gold Medal Finals: Ole Bischof (Germany) vs Jae-Bum Kim (South Korea)

In the last minute, Ole scores 10 with an Osoto Otoshi (STO) of sorts landing Jae-Bum on his side. And the match is over.

result: Ole Bischof (10-0) via Yuko. Ole Bischof is 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics -81 kg Men’s Judo Gold Medalist Champion. Jae-Bum Kim is now the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics -81 kg Men’s Judo Silver Medalist.

Good bye folks. See you all again later.


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