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Games of the XXIX Olympiad Beijing Summer 2008 -78kg Women’s Judo Medal Rounds

Posted by invizweb on August 15, 2008

And here we are in the semifinal weight class of Women’s Judo:

Quarter Final (Pool A): Xiuli Yang (China) def. Marylise Levesque (Canada) via Ippon 2:02

Quarter Final (Pool B): Esther San Miguel (Spain) def. Lucia Morico (Italy) 220-11

Quarter Final (Pool C): Gyeong Mi Jeong (Sout Korea) def. Heide Wollert (Germany) via Ippon 2:56

Quarter Final (Pool D): Yalennis Castillo (Cuba) def. Stephanie Possamai (France) via Koka 30-0

3rd Rep Match 1: Edinanci Silva (Brazil) def. Lkhandegd Purevjargal (Mongolia) via Ippon 3:58

3rd Rep Match 2: Stephanie Possamai (France) def. Heide Wollert (Germany) via Ippon 0:41


Match 1: Xiuli Yang (China) vs Esther San Miguel (Spain)

Winner: Xiuli Yang via Ippon 5:00

Match 2: Yalennis Castillo (Cuba) vs Gyeong Mi Jeong (South Korea)

Winner: Yalennis Castillo via Koka 1-0


and so we are here now.

Bronze Medal Determination Matches:

Match 1:Edinanci Silva (Brazil) vs Gyeong Mi Jeong (South Korea)

About 3 minutes in Jeong got Silva down on the mat and tried for a Wakigatame. Then she hit a Makikomi of sorts and falls on Nanci’s side. Then she pinned Nanci with a Kuzure Kesa Gatame for 25 seconds for the win. However, my contention was that it was Out of Bounds for 10 seconds and Nanci had only one shoulder down. In the past Nanci was inquisition ed by the IOC for her Intersexuality when someone accused her of being male and I suspect here that those fat lizards would turn a blind eye here. Gyeong Mi, to her credit, however, is a very skilled Judoka, and nothing should be taken away from her, though should she be happy she won when her opponent’s shoulders did not both touch the mat and she had her legs out of the designated area. A pin is a pin though. Would I have taken the medal? If it was Gold or Silver probably.

Bronze Medalist: Gyeong Mi Jeong via Ippon (Pin via KesaGatame)

Match 2: Stephanie Possamai (France) vs Esther San Miguel (Spain)

Possamai after 3 minutes elapsed tried a Clock Choke on San Miguel to no avail. San Migel in the final minute turned her over partially with a Tomoe Nage for 10 and then tried to transition to a Juji. Possamai just got 100 with I thnk a Soto Makikomi. And the crowd roars with approval when Possamai celebrates her victory.

Bronze Medalist: Stephanie Possamai via Waza

Gold Medal Championship Finals: Xiuli Yang (China) vs Yalennis Castillo (Cuba)

Xiuli has a great physique for a lady who is about 173 lbs or so and so does Yalennis. Crowd is hot for Xiuli telling her to turn on the gas. Yalennis immediately charges her off the bat but Xiuli lands on her stomach. Now Xiuli counters a Seio Nage and is riding Castillo’s back. And it happens again. That should have been a violation me thinks: Xiuli crossed her arms over her own lapel. Apparently, NBC thinks they both get Shido violations for belly flopping. 1-1. Yang spun Castillo’s arm around her back like she was going for some sort of Kimura. Golden Score time. Holy crap, the Cuban coach’s belly is bigger than Captain Lou’s. Castillo hit a Morote I think and landed Xiuli on her side but she got no score. Xiuli tried for an Ipponsei and Yalennis spawled her to the awe of the crowd. Ref’s meeting? The other refs on the mat ask that this match be continued. Xiuli went for a Morote but Castillo’s base was real good and she sprawled. Holy crap, Xiuli has a cut of some sort under the left eye. It’s now a gripfighting contest. A ref’s meeting was called when Yalennis landed Xiuli on her side with a Waistlock Takedown. They are now forehead to forehead and eye to eye now looking for an opening in the other’s defense. Its a closing scramble for throws now. Judges give in to the hometown advantage. I actually wanted Yalennis to win due to this handicap and the fact that Xiuli looks more beaten. Yalennis is disappointed but she had a good fight. VIVA CUBA~!

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Gold Medal Champion: Xiuli Yang via Judge’s Decision (more like the threat of a few thousand Mandarins jumping out of the stands)


Gold: Xiuli Yang (China)

Silver: Yalennis Castillo (Cuba)

Bronze: Gyeong Mi Jeong (South Korea) and Stephanie Possamai (France)


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