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A New Mongol King Rises in the East: Games of the XXIX Olympiad Beijing Summer 2008 -100kg Men’s Judo Medal Rounds

Posted by invizweb on August 15, 2008

Before these final rounds begin these are the immediate results that lead up to these matches:


Quarterfinal (Pool A): Henk Grol (Nederlands) def. Przemyslaw Matyasek (Poland) via Ippon 0:39

Quarterfinal (Pool B): Askhat Zhitkeyev (Kazakstan) def. Daniel Hadfi (Hungary) via Ippon 4:12

Quarterfinal (Pool C): Movlud Miralyev (Azerbaijan) def. Daniel Brata (Romania) via Waza 110-0

Quarterfinal (Pool D): Tuvshinbayar Naidan (Mongolia) def. Sung-Ho Jang (South Korea) 11-10

2nd Repechage Match 1: Przemyslaw Matyasek (Poland) def. Luciano Correa (Brazil) via Ippon 1:47

2nd Repechage Match 2: Daniel Hadfi (Hungary) def. Amel Mekic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) via Ippon 4:16

2nd Repechage Match 3: Levan Zhorzholiani (Georgia) def. Daniel Brata (Romania) via Ippon 2:44

2nd Repechage Match 4: Sung-Ho Jang (South Korea) def. Benjammin Behrla (Germany) via Ippon 1:06


and so we are here now.

3rd Rep Match 1: Przemyslaw Matyasek (Poland) vs Daniel Hadfi (Hungary)

Rep Winner A: Przemyslaw Matyasek 11-10

3rd Rep Match 2: Levan Zhorzholiani (Georgia) vs Sung-Ho Jang (South Korea)

Rep Winner B: Levan Zhorzholiani 21-20


Match 1:Henk Grol (Nederlands) vs Askhat Zhitkeyev (Kazakhstan)

Askhat just finished with an awesome Tawara Gaeshi to counter Henk’s Morote Gari attempt. Henk just had 100 points on Askhat before dove for Ask’s legs and he got cradled like a Fisherman Suplex. And it’s over. Ippon.

Winner: Askhat Zhitkeyev via Ippon (Tawara Gaeshi) 3:06

Match 2: Movlud Miralyev (Azerbaijan) vs Tuvshinbayar Naidan (Mongolia)

Match has gone into Golden Score. And Mongolia wins. Mongolian fans pop with a huge roar of ovation. By the way, just FYI, Naidan was a shamaness renowned to the peoples of the steppes from which Tuvshinbayar came from. Manchurian not Mongolian but she was repsected for her spiritual powers amongst Mongolians also thus why her name is carried on by many.

Winner: Tuvshinbayar Naidan

Bronze Medal Determination Matches:

Match 1: Przemyslaw Matyasek (Poland) vs Movlud Miralyev (Azerbaijan)

The ref I am being told is Mr. Brown from New Zealand. I wonder if he is related to Mr Brown’s coffee. Movlud hits some sort of back falling Kata Guruma to Maty’s side for his first 10 points. At the closing whistle he hit an Ippon Seio Nage to the side for 100. He celebrates with perfect cartwheels to get pops from the crowd.

Bronze Medalist: Movlud Miralyev via Waza

Match 2:Levan Zhorzholiani (Georgia) vs Henk Grol (Nederlands)

While thy were spinning, Henk got a Sukui Nage (Turning Double Leg/ Baiana) and got 10. He later got another 10 I think getting a Waistlock Takedown to the side. Henk gets the Yuko and the crowd of Orange is elated. Henk took his gi off. He is no hoss.

Bronze Medalist: Henk Grol via Yuko

Gold Medal Championship Finals: Askhat Zhitkeyev (Kazakhstan) vs Tuvshinbayar Naidangiin (Mongolia)

And Askhat immediately attempts a Juji from a Waistlock Takedown but nada. Naidan now shoots for a Kata Guruma but he is blocked. NBC guy is belittling Naidan calling him the darling of the division. Naidan hits a Morote that lands Ask on his ass but no points. Naidan hit a Kata Guruma that only gets 100 because Ask bridged before the fall. Askhat blocks a throw and favors for a Juji again but again nothing. Naidan literally spears Ask at point blank range and gets 10. A single leg to the side gets another 10.

Great Sky Lord Tengrii

and Te-Mud-gin greatest Khan

and all Mongols sing

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Gold Medal Champion: Tuvshinbayar Naidangiin via Waza 120-10

In the 16th Century, a man named Michele Nostradamus foresaw a Mongol king shall rise in the East. A new Khan perhaps for a proud people. And perhaps high above in the Heavens, Tengrii the Sky Lord and Temudgin, the canonized man who united Mongolia and nearly conquered Europe awaited a day when the Mongolian people were awaiting it also. 846 Naadam after the Chiggis Khan’s birth, in the Central Nation, the neighbor to the South with which the Mongol people would have long-term love/hate relationships for the millenia to come, a young lone Mongol recently aged 24, emerged the grand champion after realizing the Khan’s dream of conquering Japan (Keiji Suzuki), Germany (Benjamin Behrla), South Korea (Sung-Ho Jang), Azerbaijan (Movlud Miralyev), and finally the traditional land rivals of Mongols to the west, the Kazakhs (Askhat Zhitkeyev). Descendant of the Temudgin, and whose namesake is a likewise great spiritual leader, the Shamaness Naidan, Tuvshinbayar Naidangiin arose from obscurity and became his nation’s proudest son.


Gold: Tuvshinbayar Naidangiin (Mongolia)

Silver: Askhat Zhitkeyev (Kazakhstan)

Bronze: Movlud Miralyev (Azerbaijan) and Henk Grol (Nederlands)

Anton Geesink is there also to crown the new Mongolian king. I do not think Ernesto Hoost and a chair can hold this kid down. After marking out for Anton Geesink, who was the first Dutch Gold Medalist, the national song of Mongolia is blared on the speakers. The great humble underdog champion walks off the mats into the sunset.

December 21, 2012: I am writing this now in the near future. Grass is flowing green in the Gobi Desert. A few months back those Mandarins finally backed down in fear of possible repercussions, economically and physically, and returned what was called Inner Mongolia to the nation of Mongolia. There is now pressure on Russia to do the same. Air Force One just touched down on Ulaan Bataar International Airport. After many men in black pour out of the craft, their leader emerges; although not yet sworn in yet as President, George Prescott Bush, son of former Governor Jebodiah Bush and wife Columba, grandson of George Herbert Walker Bush, nephew of impeached President George W Bush, of Mexican descent, is given the office to open a new relationship with the man coming down to greet him. He is not the tallest man, but he is a regal man, a king among kings, who at the young age of 24 conquered the Olympics. Simon Inoki and Rusher Kimura and Masa Fuchi all approached him but he accepted Jim Ross’ offer. However, after a brief stay in Florida, Vince declared the man had no talent although it is reported that Vince was sweating profusely as he walked away from the man and was said to be never the same again. It did not matter since the weather did not agree with the man who is greeting young Mr. Bush: the President of Mongolia, Tuvshinbayar Naidangiin. GP offers his hand out but the man across from him instead stares deep into his soul. GP shirks away and his aid tells the Mongolian President that the President to-be is not well after all and would need to go back home immediately. Airforce One flies away. Later in the day, rumors are confirmed as a western portion of Alaska is annexed to Mongolia as an offering. Tuvshinbayar Naidangiin smiles as he is watching this from his computer. He looks above to the heavens. Naidan, Tengrii, and Temdgin likewise smile back down upon him. The new Golden Age of Mongolia has just begun…Thus writes this author who bu 2011 is made the official scribe of the new Republic of Mongolia after many months of learning Mongol in intensive language learning programs 9failing repeatedly along the way).


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