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The Ultimate Finale: Games of the XXIX Olympiad 2008 Beijing +100kg Men’s Judo Medal Round Results

Posted by invizweb on August 15, 2008

Before these final rounds begin these are the immediate results that lead up to these matches:


Quarterfinal (Pool A): Satoshi Ishii (Japan) def. Tamerlan Tmnenov (Russia) via Ippon 4:46

Quarterfinal (Pool B): Lasha Gujejiani (Georgia) def. Mohammad Reza Roodaki Rodaki (Iran) via Yuko 11-0

Quarterfinal (Pool C): Abdullo Tangriev (Uzbekhistan) def. Ted Riner (France)

Quarterfinal (Pool D): Vidal Brayson (Cuba) def. Joao Gabriel Schlittler (Brazil) via Ippon 1:39

2nd Repechage Match 1: Tamerlan Tmenov (Russia) def. Paolo Bianchessi (Italy)

2nd Repechage Match 2: Mohammad Reza Roodaki Rodaki (Iran) def. Daniel McCormick (USA)

2nd Repechage Match 3:Teddy Riner (France) def. Andreas Telzer (Germany)

2nd Repechage Match 4: Joao Gabriel Schlittler (Brazil) def. Rudy Hachache (Lebannon)


and so we are here now.

3rd Rep Match 1:Ted Riner (France) vs Joao Schlittler (Brazil)

I wasn’t even done typing when Ted won with a belt grab throw in less than a min.

Rep Winner A: Ted Riner via Ippon

3rd Rep Match 2: Tamerlan Tmnenov (Russia) vs Mohammad Reza Roodaki Rodaki (Iran)

In what I would consider an expected goofy IOC move one of the guys was in a very tight Juji but looked to the ref to have the move broken. The match ended when Tamerlan tried to escape a Waistlock by turning but was pushed onto his back.

Rep Winner B: Mohammad Reza Roodaki Rodaki via Ippon


Match 1:Satoshi Ishii (Japan) vs Lasha Gujejiani (Georgia)

Satoshi is in very good shape. In fact, Ishii is a hoss. In the opening moments, Ishii snapped Lasha down and Sprawled on him hard. Ishi stopped a shoot with a Guillotine for the tapout but the ref stopped him and had him release Lasha. I understand UFC judges not knowing jack about submissions but clearly this is no longer the art of Jigoro Kano. Near the end Ishii hits a Kosoto Gari of sorts for the win.

I am usually ambivalent about bad judging but Cathy Mouette of France needs to be made an example. Somebody call the IOC and have her removed. She seems to not know jack about submissions, the other 50% of Judo.

Winner: Satoshi Ishii via Ippon (Kosoto Gari?).

Match 2: Vidal Brayson (Cuba) vs Abdullo Tangriev (Uzbekhistan)

30 seconds in Vidal hit a 10 point throw. Brayson gets another point for a violation from Abdullo. Abdullo, or the lid with the ugly snarl, tripped down Vidal and got him with a Kuzure Kesa Gatame pin for 23 seconds.

Winner: Abdullo Tangriev via Ippon (Pin via Kuzure Kesa Gatame)

Bronze Medal Determination Matches:

Match 1: Vidal Brayson (Cuba) vs Mohammad Reza Roodaki Rodaki (Iran)

Vidal hit what looked like a Soto Makikomi to Rodaki’s side and then held him down with a Ushiro Kesa Gatame while holding the right arm down. See the pic. I say thats best pin for the whole damn 2008 Olympics. How more definitive of a pin can you get by holding down a wrist and pulling the torso down on the shoulder blades.

Bronze Medalist: Vidal Brayson via Awasete Ippon (Pin via Ushiro Kesa Gatame)

Match 2: Lasha Gujejiani (Georgia) vs Ted Riner (France)

Ted gets a point early on when Lasha made a violation. Ted then gets Lasha down with a Collar and Elbow takedown and pins him for 25 seconds with a Kesa Gatame. He tried to celebrate with handstand but fails though.

Bronze Medalist: Ted Riner via Ippon (Pin via Kesa Gatame)

Before the next match I wanna say something. I did not expect Ishi to reach this far. In my mind I was joking about how he would get 7th or something and then NOAH or Yoshida Dojo will recruit him. I think he is gonna get the Gold. And if he does, I hope he gets propositioned by Jim Ross. He has the WWE look; young, great shape and decent looking face. Ishii never won a world title. But after he beat former champ, Tmenov of Russia, i knew then this kid will be a star somewhere in the world someday.

Gold Medal Championship Finals: Abdullo Tangriev (Uzbekhistan) vs Satoshi Ishii (Japan)

Satoshi is pumped. I wish they got Anton Geesink and Wilhelm Ruska as refs for this one. ITS THE FONAL FRIKKIN JUDO MATCH IN THE 2008 Olympics for Gods’ sake. Satoshi gets a point from a Shido due to Abby’s breaking of grips. Satoshi gets another 9 for a violation but he keeps going for a win. That’s Championship qualities. And its over. SATOSHI ISHII YOU HAVE JUST WON THE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL IN THE HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION. WHERE WILL YOU GO NOW? Is that legendary Yasuhiro Yamashita, winner of 400+ Judo matches in his corner?

Now that he has won I see everyone trying to get him but I doubt anyone really can. Misawa, New Japan, Mutoh, and Otani’s backers definitely do not have the money. I do not think Yoshida can persuade him even though he’s a legend, Satoshi might not want to get hit and Sengoku is rather poor in PR and not the most money place. UFC is blind so he is definitely not going there. FEG may have the money but he might rather try for another Gold in 4 years.

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Gold Medal Champion: Satoshi Ishii via Yuko


Gold: Satoshi Ishii (Japan)

Silver: Abdullo Tangriev (Uzbekhistan)

Bronze: Teddy Riner (France) and Vidal Brayson (Cuba)

So here I am now. 6 days later. I don’t feel tired. Perhaps I am catching a case of mania but I am ready for more. It was a long and bumpy ride for me since I am just relearning the rules of Judo after 6 years of being out of practice but I do not really regret covering this. This was made fun actually. More on the next episode of the Invisible Web.


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