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Yawarako Taisen: Games of the XXIX Olympiad 2008 Beijing +78kg Women’s Judo Medal Round Results

Posted by invizweb on August 15, 2008

It’s day 6 of this madness. And I am still here. I do not know how much longer though.


Quarterfinal (Pool A): Idalys Ortiz (Cuba) def. Janelle Shepherd (Australia) via Ippon 1:34

Quarterfinal (Pool B):Wen Tong (China) def. Na-Young Kim (South Korea) via Ippon 1:56

Quarterfinal (Pool C): Maki Tsukada (Japan) def. Vanessa Zambotti (Mexico) via Ippon 1:34

Quarterfinal (Pool D): Lucija Polavder (Slovakai) def. Tserenkhand Dorjgotov (Mongolia) via Ippon (3:15)

2nd Repechage Match 1: Samah Ramadan (Egypt) def. Janelle Shepherd (Australia) via Ippon 1:39

2nd Repechage Match 2: Na-Young Kim (South Korea) def. Tea Donguzashvili (Russia) via Ippon 1:40

2nd Repechage Match 3: Anne Sophie Mondiere (France) def. Vanessa Zambotti (Mexico) via Ippon 4:20

2nd Repechage Match 4: Tserenkhand Dorjgotov (Mongolia) def. Gulzhan Issanova (Kazakhstan) via Ippon 3:44


and so we are here now.

3rd Rep Match 1: Samah Ramadan (Egypt) vs Na-Young Kim (South Korea)

Samah’s pants are riped open and they stop to let her change. NBC’s commentator (David Williams) said they would not have personally continued. However, since nobody called them when they had their pants own for the War in Iraq I am surprised about that response. Aside from that, nothing was happening until Kim got an unclean O Goshi in and transitioned it to a Kesa Gatame for a 20 second pin . 20 second pins usually frustrate me but with everything that happened in regard to the wardobe malfunction and all and the two’s weight class I can see this happening.

Rep Winner A: Na-Young Kim via Awasete Ippon 3:30 (Pin via Kesa Gatame)

3rd Rep Match 2:Tserenkhand Dorjgotov (Mongolia) vs Anne Sophie Mondiere (France)

Anne off the bat tries for a Tomoe Nage but fails. Less than a minute or so, Tserenkhand hits a nice Uchi Mata Makikomi to end it.

Rep Winner B: Tserenkhand Dorjgotov via Ippon 1:54 (Uchi Mata Makikomi)


Match 1: Idalys Ortiz (Cuba) vs Wen Tong (China)

Action off the mat causes a ref’s conference that lead to no one getting points. Wen hit a Kata Guruma landing Idalys on her side for 10 in the waning winutes of the match.

Winner: Wen Tong via Yuko 10-1

Match 2: Maki Tsukada (Japan) vs Lucija Polavder (Slovakai)

This will sound non PC for this weight class but the support inflatables for Japan looks likes Hot Dogs. Some violations by Lucija give Maki 10 points. Maki pulled Lucija down with what looked like a Chinlock and then transitioned to Yoko Shiho Gatame position (Side Control for BJJ) for a 25 second pin…OK two pins in one night is starting to be alot.

Winner: Maki Tsukada via Ippon (Pin via Yoko Shiho Gatame)

Bronze Medal Determination Matches:

Match 1: Lucija Polavder (Slovakia) vs Na-Young Kim (South Korea)

Lucija gets a point early on because Kim would not engage. For some reason even though she was down a point with 6 seconds remaining, Kim belly flopped and hugged the mat for dear life. And that’s how the match ended.

Bronze Medalist: Lucija Polavder via Shido

Match 2: Idalys Ortiz (Cuba) vs Tserenkhand Dorjgotov (Mongolia)

Idalys went for a lift but Tserenkhand turned on her stomach for dear life. Holy crap that was fast. Idalys winded her up and hit a GIANT O-Goshi.

Bronze Medalist: Idalys Ortiz via Ippon O-Goshi

Gold Medal Championship Finals: Maki Tsukada (Japan) vs Wen Tong (China)

Thank goodness Mouen of France is not the head ref for this one; Hedi of Tunisia is. The crowd pops for Wen as if she was Ric Flair and this is Greensboro. The final battle between China and Japan for Women’s Judo. Maki keeps going for collar grips but Wen keeps swatting her off. Maki got Wen down on her side for 10 with a Waistlock Takedown. I think Wen’s performance is going to lead to a 10,000 attendance stadium riot. Maki pulled Wen down and was gonna go for a MEGATON PIN but Wen escaped by grabbing her arm in a Waki Gatame (Fujiwara Armbar) position. Why didn’t she go for the submission? If Wen is defeated by Maki due to her lack of will, and the audience riot, I hope it’s not because they don’t understand how Wen lost. She keeps stalling for time when the judges ask her to tie her gi. Wen keeps going for Ipponseis which she should know she’s not gonna get. This might end up like Bayamon. I can see CNN headlines now, “Massive riot in Beijing stadiums causes Olympics to end.” WHAT? According to the NBC commentators, this was Wen’s plan all along. She was going to gas out Maki and then hit her with an Ippon. And she did. “She had enough time.” Good thing I do not bet. And right on top of her head too. CHINA HAS JUST BEAT JAPAN IN JUDO IN THE FINAL WOMEN’S MATCH AT THE OLYMPICS. This is even bigger than the Xian win. Everyone is jumping up and down.

Eight seconds? Damn. She was definitely cutting it thin.

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Gold Medal Champion: Wen Tong via Ippon 4:52 (Ippon Seio Nage)


Gold: Wen Tong (China)

Silver: Maki Tsukada (Japan)

Bronze: Lucija Polavder (Slovakia) and Idalys Ortiz (Cuba)

It seems that for once even the Bronze winners are happy even though its not Anton Geesink who is there medal presenter.

FUCK. NBC cut it off when Wen Tong was about to get her Gold Medal with a commercial. Screw NBC. Wen Tong singing along the Chinese National Anthem is JIP. That was as classless as the two times they cut off the Cayman Island during the Parade of Nations for a commercial even though they phoned them to stop doing that.


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