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Games of the XXIX Olympiad Beijing Summer 2008 -55kg Women’s Freestyle Wrestling Medal Round Results

Posted by invizweb on August 16, 2008


1 Ida Therese Nerell (Sweden) def Natalia Golts (Russia)

2 Ana Maria Paval (Romania) def Olga Smirnova (Kazakhstan)

And the Doctor arrives in just the nick of time to catch…

Medal Round

Bronze: Tanya Verbeek (Canada) def Ida Therese Nerell (Sweden)

Bronze: Jackeline Renteria Castillo (Columbia) def Ana Maria Paval (Romania)

Jacekline pins Ana with something resembling a Butterfly Lock in under 3 mins. I would consider this an upset.

We will Rock by Queen you plays before the next match and Los Guerreros del Infierno sit at ringside to play ringside enforcers just in case Animal Hamaguchi shows up again. Just kidding about the ladder.

Gold: Saori Yoshida (Japan) def Li Xu (China)

Holy shit Saori Yoshida is even more buff than she was when I saw her at MSG in 2003. She is a 1000 times more buff than Mariko Yoshida now. Those Japanese singlets are sweet. They have a golden dragon embroidered on it and all. Match opens with a Collar and Elbow tie-up and Yoshida scores with a Double Leg Takedown for 2 in the first fall. The heat is a temperature above Tong Wen vs Maki Tsukada from yesterday. In the second fall, Yoshida gets a Single Leg on Xu who turns on her stomach for only a few seconds before getting pinned at 0:43. She then celebrates by imitating US Gymnastics Captain Shawn Jonson on her final floor exercises the night before. I was awake for less than an hour so I guess ,y sleeping pattern will not be disturbed today…I really hope a riot doesn’t break out…Xu had no chance against Yoshida. What happened in the other weight class where an Icho sister was beaten stunned me but Yoshida was far more dominant than even her in the past few years.

Gold: Saori Yoshida (Japan)

Silver: Li Xu (China)

Bronze: Tanya Verbeek (Canada) and Jackeline Renteria Castillo (Columbia)


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