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Kyoko Hamaguchi vs the Chinese Olympic Wrestling Team II- Games of the XXIX Olympiad Beijing Summer 2008 -72kg Medal Rounds

Posted by invizweb on August 26, 2008

The -63kg Medal Ceremony is still going on at 5:17 EST so I probably will not be sleeping at 6:00 Am today I guess. NBC commentator is still putting over the American Bronze medalist. Hamaguchi’s team mate, Kaori Icho is pretty photogenic when she is trying to fix her hair. Now NBC is emphasizing Japan only has 2 Gold so far in Wrestling stead of 3.

And so begins the conclusion of the tale which is Women’s Wrestling in the 2008 Olympics.

And this is how we got here:

-72kg Semifinals:

1. Jiao Wang (China) def Kyoko Hamaguchi (Japan)

2. Stanka Zlateva (Bulgaria) def Agnieszka Wieszczek (Poland)


-72kg Repechage

Pool 1. Ali Bernard (USA) def Jenny Fransson (Sweden)

Pool 2. Maider Unda (Spain) def Ohenewa Akuffo (Canada)


-72kg Bronze Match A: Ali Bernard (USA) vs Kyoko Hamaguchi (Japan)
Peter Basca of Hungary is the ref. Hamaguchi gets a single and then Bernard’s back. The commentator just mentioned that Hamaguchi is only 30 so she might have another go or FEG might pony up some cash for her New Year’s eve. And while I was typing, Kyoko scored with 2 Standing Switch to Waistlock Takedowns for 1 point each. It looked like Kyoko was going for an Oil Check at one point but I assure folks she was clean. NBC reminds us that 5-time World Champion Hamaguchi has not won a title since 2003. Somebody never taught this person promoting. Kyoko got a point each repeating the strategy from the previous round. Ali counters an Ankle Lace and gets Kyoko’s back. Score is 3-1 for Kyoko. Hamaguchi is glad she got a Bronze and is hugging Bernard. Terry Steiner, US coach is going to explode in a negative way. NBC’s Tony Black continues to talk about the American wrestlers. Kyoko points Animal (Hamaguchi not Laurenitis) out and he roars in approval. In what is considered an upset in regards to my predictions, Kyoko ran up the stage to her mom instead of Animal going and causing a scene this time. Note to Animal Hamaguchi, I am writing in jest. In case I ever go to Japan to train at our gym to do an article or otherwise don’t send someone to stretch me. Seriously.
Bronze Medal: Kyoko Hamaguchi
-72kg Bronze Match B: Maider Unda (Spain) vs Agnieszka Wieszczek (Poland)
Agnes comes in aggressive continuously pawing at Unda’s head. Agnes tries to turn Maider over from a front Headlock like a DDT but when she released Maider just shot in for a Double Leg point. Agnes got two points to end the fall but not the match with a Barrel Roll from the Front Headlock that did not score a pinfall. Agnes wins Fall 1. Fall 2 begins with Agnes sprawling Maider. She gets a point when she forces Maider out to win a Bronze. Sh exits with her coach draping a scarf on her neck. After she takes off her ear protector I realize she is someone I would also ask out on a date (barring she is not Sinophobic like her President or a religious fanatic).
Bronze Medal: Agnieszka Wieszczek
-72kg Finals: Jiao Wang (China) vs Stanka Zlateva (Bulgaria)
I predict Wang like her compatriot a day before, who faced an equally dangerous opponent in Saori Yoshida will lose. Hopefully just not as bad as Li Xu. That was a WWF Superstars squash. Yeah, Stanka is bigger than Beth Phoenix. Although the 20 yr old Jiao has the support of the thousands in attendance, she is facing an unmovable force. She immediately tries for a Shoot into a Double but is sprawled and gets her back taken by Stanka. 1 for Stanka. Stanka hit a 3 point Double but Jiao bridges out and she’s got a Prawn Hold (head and leg pin in Pro Wrestling). OH MY GODS!! SHE JUST PINNED THE TWO-TIME REIGNING WORLD CHAMPION~! CHINA WINS. CHINA WINS. And the 5 star flag is now paraded by Jiao. China is now a new WORLD POWER in Combat Sports~! A little Pre-Kindergartener is shown happy. Perhaps a future member of the Chinese Wrestling Team? Now everybody is dancing to some sort of American rock tune. And what does the US commentator, Tony Black, talk about during this occurrence: Randi Miller’s Gold Medal. I am asking for Randi to get her own personal commentator on here as this guy takes away from her win so much.
Gold: Jiao Wang (China)
Silver: Stanka Zlateva (Bulgaria)
Bronze: Kyoko Hamaguchi (Japan) and Agnieszka Wieszczek (Poland)
Chiharu Igaya of Japan, IOC, Vice President, will present the medals. Hamaguchi is happy as her hard work gets her more than a photo or a t-shirt. She and Animal will probably use the Medal as a bargaining chip to up the price should a company in Japan contact her do do either MMA or Pro Wrestlng. Stanka actually sighs. She does at least shake Igaya’s hand. She is a tough lady. If this was the territorial era, I could see some old Shooter come up to her and offer her a place in Pro Wrestling as Elite XC would not hire anyone who can crush their “Golden Girl”. I do see some Golds and other medals for her in her career to continue the flow in. Agnes just seems happy to be there. Just as I am happy to write this for you my readers. REMEBER, VOTE FOR RUPERT THE ANTICHRIST NEXT U.S. PRESIDENT~!

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