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Daleks = African Grey Parrots~?

Posted by invizweb on August 30, 2008

Daleks, entities so near and dear to me have entered the news recently:

By Aislinn Simpson for the Telegraph.

An African Grey parrot already adept at warbling tunes as diverse as Beethoven’s symphonies and the Misson Impossible theme has added an imitation of a Dr Who Dalek to his repetoire.

Exterminate: Leonard the African Grey parrot has mastered the Dalek expression

Leonard, an African Grey parrot, imitates noises made by people and things around him and has developed perfect comedic timing, say his owners, Maya and Ian Brandt.

The couple run an antique shop in Bristol and the loud-mouth bird often has customers in stitches.

Mrs Brandt, 50, said: “We have taught him certain things, but other things like music he picks up – he just likes to imitate what he hears.

“We listen to Radio 4 a lot and he always joins in the pips before the news. He also copies noises before you even realise you are doing them.”

She said the eight-year-old parrot has mastered the characteristic “exterminate” of Dr Who’s enemy the Dalek thanks to coaching from one of the couple’s nephews.

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