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TSOG Strikes Again at the Republican National Convention 2008

Posted by invizweb on September 4, 2008

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Ralph Bernardo on Disinfo is doing a good job observing the debacle of the latest political convention fiasco. And the latest is horrendous. If people thought last week’s Democratic National Convention was bad this week’s Republican National Convention may be worse.

On Friday, IndyMedia reported that a community center with protesters in St. Paul was raided, with everyone including a 5 year old boy cuffed and detained, but not officially arrested, while they were eating dinner and watching a movie. A female in the house was sexual molested by a St. Paul Police Department Officer who groped her genitalia. Here is a video relating to the raid.

On Labor Day at 5:00 PM, Democracy Now‘s reporter Amy Goodman, as well as producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar were arrested for being in the vicinity of protests and recording them it seems. Here is a video of police manhandling Goodman.

Here is Salon’s POV. Apparently, Bruce Nestor of the National Lawyer’s Guild was one of the people arrested for “conspiracy to riot.”

I still do not understand why people do not call for the impeachment of the police commissioners and mayors for this attack on AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. I am still appalled that Raymond Walter Kelly, the NYPD Commissioner has not been called to resign for his role in the wrongful detaining of 2004 Republican National Convention protesters and his reaction to the Sean Bell shooting. And times like this its too bad Dave Chappelle and Aaron McGruder’s “go to Canada” campaign will probably not work since the “Great White North” is slowly becoming a mirror of this one.

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