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Lucha Report for 9/5

Posted by invizweb on September 5, 2008

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Head Hunter I made his IWRG debut last night jumping Hijo del Anibal, Intocable, & Multifacetico in the main event along with Veneno cementing his entry into Veneno’s faction Los Creyentes.

Pierroth stated today that he would definitely have his retirement show in October at Arena Mexico but isn’t sure yet on which date it will be on. Pierroth said that he loves his daughter but the fact that he didn’t have a son hurt him because he wanted someone to continue his legacy so he has cast various people to be his sons and they have failed so he wants to find someone that can actually complete the task. Pierroth said that he enjoys being an announcer now and he thinks the fans will enjoy the expertise he brings to the table that he hopes will allow him to have that job for as long as he can.

Scorpio Jr. was released from Hospital Obregon in Mexico City yesterday after going through 10 days of hell due a gastric ulcer burst that caused him to have kidney failure which almost killed him. Dr. Mario Garcia Orozco announced yesterday though that he has given Scorp basically a clean bill of health and authorized him to go home to continue his recovery but he wants him to return next week so they can get an update on his condition and decide when is the best time to return to the ring because they want to make sure that he doesn’t have a relapse. Dr. Orozco thinks that a normal man might have died with this condition but with Scorpio Jr. being in such great shape that it gave him an advantage which kept him alive. Dr. Orozco said that Scorpio Jr. lost a lot of weight during this process and he wants him to wait before resuming to train to regain his body mass.

Shigeo Okumura told Reforma on Wednesday that the surgery he had on his right collarbone has been a debacle and would have to undergo another surgery yesterday morning to replace two of the seven screws in the plate they put in during the first surgery on June 28th. Okumura was injured four days earlier when Fabian el Gitano accidentally injured him with a misplaced knee in the shoulderblades and has been out of action for over 2 months. Okumura said that he started rehabilitation three weeks after the surgery but the injury wouldn’t heal right as his body wasn’t accepting the metal plate so he finally decided on Monday that he had enough and went to visit Dr. Mario Garcia Orozco who said that another surgery was needed. Okumura had an ultrasound along with an x-ray which told him about the screws and that Dr. Orozco would be remove a bone from his hip along with new screws to fix this problem. Okumura said that he feels terrible about not being able to compete but he would return as soon as possible so that the fans won’t forget him and wants their support through this tough process. Okumura said that this is the toughest fight of his life and he would come out victorious.


Independent 8/31 – Arena Coliseo de Coacalco
1. Angel del Nevado/Gunman/Joe Black beat Alma Negra/Betos Boy/Espejismo
2. Anthrax & El Charro defeated Black Mormo & Heracles
3. Espartano I/Forastero/Storm beat Daga/Eterno/Lobo Metalico
4. Magnifico/Mr. Mexico/Sangre Azteca defeated Axel/Metalik/Ultimo Vampiro
5. Ave Nocturna/Huizar/Yakuza beat Los Federales I y II/Judas el Traidor

Spartan Wrestling Group 9/3 – Auditorio Municipal de Tampico
1. Aborto & Alejandro Montana Jr. beat Los Humanoides I y II
2. Baby Lover & Baby Ruiz defeated K-Boy & Lumino
3. Iron Boy/Metalik/Neutron beat Loco Castillo/Alejandro Montana Jr./Virus
4. Intocable & Maximo defeated El Bronco & Misterioso II
5. Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Mascara beat Heavy Metal & Negro Casas by DQ.



9/8 – Arena Puebla
1. Legionario & Toro Bill vs. Fuerza Chicana & Mr. Rafaga
2. India Sioux/Lady Apache/Marcela vs. Amapola/Princesa Sugei/Raven Hiroka
3. Asturiano/Flash/Stuka Jr. vs. Euforia/Nosferatu/Policeman
4. La Mascara/Sagrado/Volador Jr. vs. Averno/Dragon Rojo/Mephisto
5. Blue Panther/Dr. Wagner Jr./Dos Caras Jr. vs. Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Mr. Niebla/Ultimo Guerrero)


9/6 – Deportivo Eduardo Molina del Distrito Federal
1. Escorpion Dorado & Platino Jr. vs. Luis y Tony Cirio
2. Aguilita Solitaria & Bracito de Oro vs. Calaquita & Pierrothito
3. Lady Apache & Marcela vs. La Nazi & Raven Hiroka
4. Batman/Hijo del Fantasma/Tarzan Boy vs. Cien Caras Jr./Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Monsther
5. Volador Jr. & X (supposed to have been Mistico) vs. Atlantis & Olimpico

9/6 – Palenque de la Expo Feria de Coatzacoalcos
1. ?
2. ??
3. Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito vs. Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Chessman
4. Estrellita & Sexy Star vs. La Diabolica & La Hechicera
5. Elegido/Octagon/La Parka Jr. vs. Electroshock/Konnan/Kenzo Suzuki

9/6 – Plaza de Toros Monumental de Torreon
1. ?
2. ??
3. May Flowers/Pimpinela Escarlata/X vs. The Psycho Circus (Killer Clown/Psycho Clown/Zombie Clown)
4. Alan Stone/Silver King/X vs. La Hermandad (Joe Lider/Nicho el Millionario/X-Fly)
5. Chessman & Cibernetico vs. El Mesias & Zorro

9/6 – Plaza de Toros Portatil de San Pedro Cholula
1. E-Ninja vs. Kron
2. Aguila Dorada & Toro de Oro vs. Aventurero & Titan
3. Explosivo & Maravilla vs. Principe Palomo & Sombra Diabolica
4. Batman & Pegasso vs. Cien Caras Jr. & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr.
5. Atlantis & Tarzan Boy vs. Monsther & Mosco de la Merced


9/8 – Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo
1. Mini Hombre sin Miedo & Mini Laredo Kid vs. Mini Black Mamba & Mini Rio Bravo
2. Black Fenix & Street Boy vs. Black Mamba & Penumbra
3. Babe Rap/Principe Diamante/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Rio Bravo/Tito Santana/Tigre Cota
4. Brazo de Plata/Hombre sin Miedo/Sangre Chicana vs. Antifaz del Norte/Aventurero/Hator
5. AAA Tag Titles: Extreme Tiger & Halloween (c) vs. Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario

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