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Right Where You Are Sitting Now Episode 14 – Conspiracy 101 up now, plus new reviews section live!

Posted by invizweb on September 18, 2008

WE ARE BACK! After some hefty technical problems, a brief spell of sickness and some general booking of awesome new guests…and I mean awesome, we finally return!

This week me and our returning guest/co-host Raymond Wiley chat about The culture of Conspiracy belief! We decided the subject was so large that we would wax about some of our own experiences, some key theories and funny ones to boot!

There is no music this week, mainly because we have been rushing around to much to find anything in time.

Expect a total change of format in the coming weeks! We have sorted all the techy glitches and now we are adding a new audio version of the Weird Weekly News into the show. We’ve done a dummy run with Claire and it sounds cool, so that will start as of episode 15 next week!

Also, keep your eyes peeled to this site for a really cool announcement of a new show featuring some of Sitting Now’s staff!


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