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Lucha Report for 9/11

Posted by invizweb on September 11, 2008

I have been on a semi vacation since last week due to personal matters i am working out.  Also, I took the time to reflect on 9/11…

Thanks to Kris Z


Rey Bucanero stated today that he had no idea that his match with Sean Waltman for the CMLL Lt. Heavyweight Title that was scheduled for 9/19 at Arena Mexico would be cancelled and found out through the media because no one from the office called him. Rey said that he felt discomforted by the news because he was really looking forward to this spotlight match but it ended up being all for naught and now he said that he won’t even be in the building for the show.

Toscano stated today that even though he has formally joined Los Sexicools with Intocable & Juventud Guerrera, he hopes to return to EMLL soon to join his brothers in Los Guerreros del Atlantida. Toscano said that he hopes to back in the fold by January, which is what Zumbido said in an interview a few weeks ago because he wants to have a spot in EMLL that he can fall back on to help support his family because being an independent contractor doesn’t always guarantee work because they aren’t in the media forefront like the contracted guys. Toscano said that he is looking forward to teaming with Intocable & Juventud Guerrera and will have to go back to his tecnico roots because he has been a rudo for most of the last 7 years and prefers being a rudo actually over being a tecnico.



9/12 – Arena Mexico
1. Angel Azteca Jr. & Astro Boy vs. Kid Tiger & Puma King
2. Goddess/India Sioux/Princesa Blanca vs. Princesa Sugei/Raven Hiroka/Mima Shimoda
3. Maximo/Metalik/Mictlan vs. Dragon Rojo/Ephesto/Misterioso II
4. Hijo del Fantasma/Marco Corleone/La Mascara vs. Hijo del Lizmark/Mr. Niebla/Olimpico
5. Blue Panther/Dr. Wagner Jr./Dos Caras Jr. vs. Atlantis/Negro Casas/Ultimo Guerrero


9/12 – Palenque de la Feria de Colima
1. ?
2. ??
3. Lady Apache & Marcela vs. Medusa & Rossy Moreno
4. Sagrado/Hijo del Solitario/Zumbido vs. Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Rey Bucanero/Universo Dos Mil
5. Hector Garza/Mistico/Volador Jr. vs. Averno/Black Warrior/Mephisto



9/12 – Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. Eterno & Smog vs. Astucia & Nemonico
2. Black Eder & Horus vs. Calavera & El Galeno
3. Celestial/Kendo Jr./Star Boy vs. Halcon Tapatio II/Mr. Maldito/Tucan
4. Los Locos del Ring (Arandu/Inferno/TJ Boy) vs. La Pandilla Loca (Mortiz/Los Pandilleros I y II)
5. Hijo del Santo vs. Super Parka


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Posted by invizweb on September 11, 2008

Seven years ago, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I was worried about the Chinese-language quiz I would be taking that morning, when I got into an elevator some time after nine. People on the elevator were talking about plane attacks and my first thought was either an accident occurred or a new action movie came out. The fullness of the horror was not imparted onto me until a little later that day. Let us take a moment whenever possible to remember those who have passed away whether they were colleagues working at Windows on the World or rescue workers responding to the call of duty.

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Buckminster Fuller exhibition at the Whitney

Posted by invizweb on September 10, 2008

The Whitney exhibition continues until September, but needs to be supplemented by reading the catalog, checking out the PBS Modern Masters Series, Thinking Out Loud;, and reading Hugh Kenner’s Bucky–although I may have bought the Strand’s last hardback copy earlier this summer.

Below is Phil Patton’s review of the exhibit:

An exhibition is a verb,” writes Whitney museum director Adam Weinberg bravely, in his introduction to the catalog of the museum’s Buckminster Fuller show, Starting with the Universe.

He is echoing Fuller’s own famous phrase “I seem to be a verb.” But in fact, a museum show is necessarily more like an arrangement of nouns. And this one includes nouns like drawings, photographs, and models, with a few verbs of video of Fuller talking.

“His vision is difficult to approximate and present, much less encompass in an exhibition,” Weinberg continues. The show does the difficult ably enough, providing a good chronological sample, thoughtfully arranged.

If Fuller saw himself as a verb it may be because his life was dominated more by activity than artifact. He truly found himself in his presentations and lectures, from his first talks to a handful of people in Greenwich Village salons to the vast college audiences he drew in his old age. His real skills were “synergistic,” all right, but it was the synergy of networking, propaganda and performance.

The show’s title suggests the thesis of the curators, K. Michael Hays and Dana Miller, that Fuller’s ideas–not buildings or designs–are paramount in his work. Fuller said that he began with what he called “energy systems” and that the designs and artifacts he ended up with were quite incidental to the wider goal of exploring those patterns. He created the trademark geodesic dome and houses like the Dymaxion, stacked on its central core, or the post-war Wichita house, which resembled a residence for the robot Gort from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still. He patented and built three examples of the Dymaxion car. But they were simply sketches of the wider concepts. “I could have ended up with a pair of flying slippers,” Fuller said.

Read more.

Phil Patton is the author of many books on design and culture. He writes for the New York Times, ID, Departures and other magazines and is on the faculty of the new Design Criticism program at SVA.

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Sambo Summit Training Camp in Lincoln City, Oregon

Posted by invizweb on September 10, 2008

My coach, President of the American Sambo Association (ASA) and regular Grappling magazine contributor Stephen Koepfer, along with ASA West Coast President Aaron Fields, South Mountain Martial Arts’ Dayn DeRose, and Mietich Fighting Systems Judo/Sambo coach Gregg Humphreys will all host the 2008 Sambo Summit Training Camp in Linciln City, Oregon. As follows:

This year we have a stacked coaching staff as we bring sambo into the mainstream on the West Coast!
This not to be missed three day live in training camp, will be held from September 12 – 14, 2008.
Register NOW while we still have spots available. Whether you are a sambo, judo, jujitsu, wrestling, or MMA enthusiast, this camp will assist you with you standing and ground games, striking to takedown strategies, and more! Athletes of all levels of experience are welcome to attend!

We all hope to see you in Oregon in September.
For further question, please feel free to call the number below.
Yours in sambo,
Stephen Koepfer

President, American Sambo Association

Head Coach, New York Combat Sambo

Head Coach, Team American Sambo

PO Box 5773

Long Island City, NY 11105


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Complete Dragon Gate in LA results

Posted by invizweb on September 6, 2008

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By Daniel Short for the Figure Four Weekly Wrestling Observer site.

There appeared very much to be 500, give or take, in attendance packing the recreational center of John Anson Ford Park in Bell Gardens, California for the historic first Dragon Gate show to be held in the United States. So we’re talking BoLA heat in the building. Virually every other seat had someone fanning themselves with either one of the Dragon Gate fans they bought at the merchandise table or making one out of the PWG flyers placed on their seats.

The show opened roughly ten minutes before 8pm with an exhibition triple-threat match courtesy of WPW.

0. Dragon Gate Invitation Match
Amazing Junior vs. Infernal vs. Lil’ Cholo
The idea is that the winner could earn a future tour in Dragon Gate. Nice little lucha-style match that had all three get some time to showcase their stuff. Most of the fans were more familiar with Cholo than the others and were clearly behind him, though some of the aerials Junior did earned him some cheers. One scary moment saw Cholo attempt a dive on the others on the floor, but did a bad rotation which nearly caused him to get clotheslined by the neck on the top rope. The match itself was still fun nonetheless with Cholo getting the finish after nailing Junior with an interesting lucha driver that’s kind of hard to describe.
Winner: Lil’ Cholo

We are treated to the audio opening for the Dragon Gate show, similar to those heard during pay-per-views only this one was spoken in English. After “DRAGON STORM 2007” was played, Dragon Gate ring announcer Naoto Kikuchi and resident Southern California wrestling ring announcer Jon Ian welcomed everyone to the show and ran down the card. Naoto would speak normally in Japanese then Jon would translate. They confirmed that Vampiro, who was replacing Dos Caras on the card, was indeed out. They said it was due to unforseen circumstances. What was funny was that when this was mentioned there was a big cheer. They announced his replacement was another old name in lucha libre Kendo. It was time to kick off the show.

1. Opening Match
El Generico vs. Genki Horiguchi
Generico was wearing his Tozawa-juku gear. Genki was seconded by his Real Hazard unit parters Gamma, YAMATO and Yasushi Kanda. Their presence was clearly felt during the match as when Generico was dominating the three would pull something to get the momentum swinging over to Genki. Pretty good match to officially start the show and set the pace for what was to come. Generico got the victory after nailing a Yakuza Kick and followed up with a Cradle Brainbuster.
Winner: El Generico

After the match, the rest of Real Hazard jumped in to beat down Generico until the WORLD-1 music played, prompting BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi to rush in and make the save. Doi and Gamma then engaged in a verbal battle, beginning in Japanese. Doi then demanded Gamma, “Speak English!” Gamma refused, but finally told him in English that WORLD-1 would lose. Doi got the crowd going with chants of “You go home!” at Gamma. By this point, Gamma was generating so much natural heat he was just being as awesome of a heel as ever. Once Real Hazard disappeared into the back, Doi welcomed everyone to Dragon Gate and told them to have a good time.

Before the start of the next match, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa came out and introduced himself to the fans in English. He noted that while Necro Butcher was a dangerous wrestler, he was going to show everyone that he was more dangerous. This match already ruled even before it began.

2. Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa Bosou 10 Match Series No. 5 – Dangerous Comedy Match
Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa vs. Necro Butcher
I should note that Naoto would do his normal announcements in Japanese. When he was done introducing a wrestler or team, Jon would then make the same announcement in English. So essentially guys were getting two sets of cheers. Any way, the match began with Stalker slapping Necro across the face. So Necro knocked him out with a punch in the face. Put his foot on Stalker’s chest and scored the pinfall. Eighteen seconds! It was brilliant.
Winner: Necro Butcher

Just was Necro was making his way to the back, Stalker got on the microphone and demanded an immediate rematch. The fans were chantting for the match to be restart so Necro threw his hands in the air and jumped back in the ring to start again.

2b. Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa Bosou 10 Match Series No. 5 – Dangerous Comedy Match
Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa vs. Necro Butcher
Stalker slapped Necro across the face again and this time ducked the punch. Stalker attempted the Kanchou, which only confused and irritated Necro at first. After a back an forth series of Stalker trying to complete a Kanchou that would harm Necro and Necro hitting Stalker about, Stalker finally managed a leaping Kanchou that caused Necro pain. Nothing short of brilliant. From here on was comedy wrestling of the finest, managing to even eclipse Necro vs. Kikutaro from last month. The finish saw Necro put Stalker away with the Tiger Bomb on a pile of chairs for the win. This match was a thing of beauty.
Winner: Necro Butcher

3. Special Attraction Tag Team Match
Dragon Kid and Kendo vs. Tozawa-juku of Keni’chiro Arai and Taku Iwasa
So according to Luchawiki, Kendo was a lucha wrestler from the seventies, eighties and nineties who had quite a confusing career in both Mexico and Japan. About the best I could do at the moment. Much of the action centered around Arai and Iwasa double teaming on Dragon Kid since Kendo apparently blew up rather quick at the start, though it might’ve been a combination of that and the heat in the building. Essentially from then on Kendo moved real slow, forcing Dragon Kid to take the brunt of the action. Seeing the double team moves Arai and Iwasa perform was awesome and it earned a lot of cheers and applauds from the fans. The finish saw Dragon Kid and Kendo mount a comeback, with Kendo actually digging deep to perform a suicide plancha onto Iwasa on the floor. One really cool spot was Iwasa and Arai attempting to do a move in the corner until Kendo stopped them and had Arai perched on Iwasa’s shoulders, who was already sitting on the top turnbuckle, for Dragon Kid to leap up and hit Arai with a super hurricanrana. Dragon Kid later scored the win pinning Arai with the Ultra Hurricanrana. Alright match for what it was.
Winners: Dragon Kid and Kendo.

After the match, Genki suddenly hit the ring and jumped Kendo. Then a man wearing the Dos Caras mask rushed in to make the save. It was obvious who was under the mask when he nailed a superkick and followed with the Schwein. With Genki laid out, he took off his mask and sure enough it was CIMA. This told me that he was getting closer to being ready to go to return to the ring after being on the shelf for so long with the bad neck. CIMA got on the microphone to give his thanks to everyone for coming and telling them to continue to enjoy the show.

4. PAC vs. Shingo Takagi
This match was booked weeks ago. Just over the weekend, Shingo joined the Typhoon unit which PAC is a part of. They played out the match like Shingo was not yet officially representing the unit. Let me just say that PAC had an absolute fantastic week in his return to Southern California. He had two great nights for PWG over the weekend and now he was in an awesome match with Shingo for the Dragon Gate show. How awesome was the match? It was the only match of the night to elicit the “This is awesome!” chants from the fans. Both men really went out there and showed their stuff from start to finish in such fast paced, high impact manner that the fans were jumping to their feet at every pin attempt. Shingo finally got the win after nailing PAC with the Made in Japan. Both were giving a well deserved standing ovation. It truly was a fantastic match.
Winner: Shingo Takagi

Intermission took place for a brief period. It was at this point that those who bought the T-shirt designed specifically for the tour by FMW superstar Hayabusa would get to have their picture taken with him. Hayabusa was also selling silver jewelry he himself designed. A very pleasant man to meet. He was joined at the merchandise table by CIMA, Arai, Iwasa and Shingo while Dragon Kid appeared at the table for one of the tour sponsors.

5. Open The Twin Gate Championship
Typhoon of Ryo Saito and Susumu Yokosuka © vs. The Young Bucks of Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson
The Young Bucks made a big splash in their last Dragon Gate tour, making an impressive run during the Summer Adventure Tag League. Over the weekend, they made a successful return to PWG with a great showing on night one and winning the PWG World Tag Team Championship on night two. Now they had a shot at adding another pair of titles to their waists. The match itself was very good with both teams showing off their stuff in high fashion. The Bucks were certainly giving the champions a run for their money, but Saito and Yokosuka showed in dominating fashion why they had the belts in the first place. One of the big moves was Saito hitting Matt with a fisherman’s suplex off the top. After a series of back and forth action, Saito got the win after nailing Matt with the Premium Bridge to retain the belts. Just a great match from start to finish.
Winners: Typhoon, STILL Champions

The announcers take a moment to put over the appearance of Hayabusa, who was cheered and applauded by the fans. I should note that there were points in the last few matches where he managed to stand on his legs while holding crutches so that he could get a better view. He’s still a ways away from ever walking again and needed assistance to stand, but the man was as tough as they came. All the more wonderful it was to meet him.

6. Open The Triangle Gate Championship
Real Hazard of Gamma, YAMATO and Yasushi Kanda © vs. WORLD-1 of BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi
BxB Hulk’s entrance was grand, but he was missing the girls! Oh well. It should be noted that the Young Bucks came out to second WORLD-1 and were wearing their shirts, telling me that they are apparently the gaijin members of the group. The match played up the dislike the two units had for one another while at the same time just being wonderfully crafted. Gamma was the star of the match, just really heeling it up like no one else could. His disgusting spit attacks really got him over as the man everyone loved to hate. I managed to yell out to him “You’re a sick man, Gamma!” and he replied something in Japanese. Other times, he was on the receiving end of “You sick fuck!” chants. The action went back and forth with kendo sticks, the plastic box and powered rice added to intensify the drama of a potential pinfall success. Finish came when Gamma took out Hulk with a sick Nadreshiki Tombstone Piledriver from the top rope, scoring the win and retaining the belts. Fans were not happy Real Hazard won. Aside, just a fantastic match overall.
Winners: Real Hazard, STILL Champions

Doi tried to convince Gamma into having a one-on-one match right then and there. Gamma, instead, tried to attack everyone with his kendo stick only to be fought off by Doi and eventually ran off with the rest of Real Hazard into the back. Doi then thanked the fans for attending the show and made note that they will be looking to run return show next year. At the end, virtually the entire roster minus Real Hazard came into the ring for one big group picture. From there, they all migrated to the merchandise table to sell off the remaining goodies, sign autographs, and take pictues.

This show was an overwhelming success. An awesome singles match, an excellent main event, a really great tag title match and some good to decent undercard matches really made for just an incredible evening of wrestling. Fast pace and high impact from start to finish, Dragon Gate had really set their mark on those in attendance. And the whole experience of watching wrestling and meeting the wrestlers made for just a fantastic night. Can’t wait for their return next year.

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Dragon Gate’s first US show results and the lineup for tonight’s Hawaii show

Posted by invizweb on September 6, 2008

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Courtesy of DGUSA:

9/5/2008 Dragon Gate Friday LA Extreme Night
John Anson Ford Park, Bell Gardens, CA
1. El Generico (Vertical Drop Brainbuster) Genki Horiguchi
2. Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa Bosou 10 Match Series Extreme Comedy Match: Necro Butcher (0:04 Face Punch) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
2b. Necro Butsher (Tiger Driver) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
4. Dragon Kid{W}, Kendo (Ultra Hurricanrana) Taku Iwasa, Keni’chiro Arai{L}
5. Open the Twin Gate: Ryo Saito{W}, Susumu Yokosuka (Premium Bridge) Nick & Matt Jackson{L}
*V3 for RyoSuka
6. Open the Triangle Gate: YAMATO, Yasushi Kanda, Gamma{W} (Nadreshiki Tombstone Piledriver) Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk{L}
*V2 for RH

Full report to follow tomorrow. The show was a great success, thanks to all who attended. Dragon Gate will return to the US next year.

and tonight’s show lineup:

9/6/2008 Waikiki Shell, Waikiki Hawaii
1. Akira Tozawa, Taku Iwasa, Keni’chiro Arai vs. Susumu Yokosuka, Ryo Saito, Anthony W. Mori
2. K-ness vs. m.c.KZ
3. Super Shisa, Shisa BOY, Super Shenlong vs. YAMATO, Cyber Kong, Cyber Kongcito
4. Open the Brave Gate: Genki Horiguchi vs. Naoki Tanisaki
5. Masaaki Mochizuki, K-ness vs. Gamma, Yasushi Kanda
6. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk vs. Shingo Takagi, Dragon Kid, PAC

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Lucha Report for 9/5

Posted by invizweb on September 5, 2008

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Head Hunter I made his IWRG debut last night jumping Hijo del Anibal, Intocable, & Multifacetico in the main event along with Veneno cementing his entry into Veneno’s faction Los Creyentes.

Pierroth stated today that he would definitely have his retirement show in October at Arena Mexico but isn’t sure yet on which date it will be on. Pierroth said that he loves his daughter but the fact that he didn’t have a son hurt him because he wanted someone to continue his legacy so he has cast various people to be his sons and they have failed so he wants to find someone that can actually complete the task. Pierroth said that he enjoys being an announcer now and he thinks the fans will enjoy the expertise he brings to the table that he hopes will allow him to have that job for as long as he can.

Scorpio Jr. was released from Hospital Obregon in Mexico City yesterday after going through 10 days of hell due a gastric ulcer burst that caused him to have kidney failure which almost killed him. Dr. Mario Garcia Orozco announced yesterday though that he has given Scorp basically a clean bill of health and authorized him to go home to continue his recovery but he wants him to return next week so they can get an update on his condition and decide when is the best time to return to the ring because they want to make sure that he doesn’t have a relapse. Dr. Orozco thinks that a normal man might have died with this condition but with Scorpio Jr. being in such great shape that it gave him an advantage which kept him alive. Dr. Orozco said that Scorpio Jr. lost a lot of weight during this process and he wants him to wait before resuming to train to regain his body mass.

Shigeo Okumura told Reforma on Wednesday that the surgery he had on his right collarbone has been a debacle and would have to undergo another surgery yesterday morning to replace two of the seven screws in the plate they put in during the first surgery on June 28th. Okumura was injured four days earlier when Fabian el Gitano accidentally injured him with a misplaced knee in the shoulderblades and has been out of action for over 2 months. Okumura said that he started rehabilitation three weeks after the surgery but the injury wouldn’t heal right as his body wasn’t accepting the metal plate so he finally decided on Monday that he had enough and went to visit Dr. Mario Garcia Orozco who said that another surgery was needed. Okumura had an ultrasound along with an x-ray which told him about the screws and that Dr. Orozco would be remove a bone from his hip along with new screws to fix this problem. Okumura said that he feels terrible about not being able to compete but he would return as soon as possible so that the fans won’t forget him and wants their support through this tough process. Okumura said that this is the toughest fight of his life and he would come out victorious.

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TSOG Strikes Again at the Republican National Convention 2008

Posted by invizweb on September 4, 2008

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Ralph Bernardo on Disinfo is doing a good job observing the debacle of the latest political convention fiasco. And the latest is horrendous. If people thought last week’s Democratic National Convention was bad this week’s Republican National Convention may be worse.

On Friday, IndyMedia reported that a community center with protesters in St. Paul was raided, with everyone including a 5 year old boy cuffed and detained, but not officially arrested, while they were eating dinner and watching a movie. A female in the house was sexual molested by a St. Paul Police Department Officer who groped her genitalia. Here is a video relating to the raid.

On Labor Day at 5:00 PM, Democracy Now‘s reporter Amy Goodman, as well as producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar were arrested for being in the vicinity of protests and recording them it seems. Here is a video of police manhandling Goodman.

Here is Salon’s POV. Apparently, Bruce Nestor of the National Lawyer’s Guild was one of the people arrested for “conspiracy to riot.”

I still do not understand why people do not call for the impeachment of the police commissioners and mayors for this attack on AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. I am still appalled that Raymond Walter Kelly, the NYPD Commissioner has not been called to resign for his role in the wrongful detaining of 2004 Republican National Convention protesters and his reaction to the Sean Bell shooting. And times like this its too bad Dave Chappelle and Aaron McGruder’s “go to Canada” campaign will probably not work since the “Great White North” is slowly becoming a mirror of this one.

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Discovery en Espanol Celebrates ‘El Mundo Hispano’ During Hispanic Heritage Month 2008

Posted by invizweb on September 3, 2008

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Courtesy of Discovery en Espanol:

Talented Independent Hispanic directors enlisted by Discovery en Espanol to capture ‘El Mundo Hispano’ as seen through their eyes

MIAMI, Sept. 3 — Discovery en Espanol will celebrate this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) with a unique and creative initiative entitled “El Mundo Hispano” (The Hispanic World) that not only seeks to highlight our strengths and best attributes, but also aims to foster the talent of young and up-and-coming Hispanic directors in the U.S.

The project, which started in June of 2008, sought out promising directors for the purpose of producing short films that would illustrate their view of “El Mundo Hispano” in the U.S. and communicate a positive and relevant message of what it means to be a Hispanic living here. These directors were tasked with using intrinsic traits and strong visuals paired with the voices and sounds of places and people, placed on a video canvas as an expression of their talent.

Of the initial twenty treatments received, three were selected for airing during HHM. The selected short films will begin airing on September the 14th and run interspersed during the month within a special programming line-up that showcases some of the best of our heritage, explores our roots and fighting spirit, as well as the civilizations that mark our history (premiere program schedule listed below).

“During Hispanic Heritage Month, as is true all year round, it is important for us at Discovery en Espanol to highlight the issues that are most relevant to Hispanics. Still, we also wanted to do something extra special. What more apt way for this network to commemorate this celebration of our culture than by giving a voice and a platform to these young directors to showcase their talent,” said Luis Silberwasser, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group.

These poignant short films, each with its own vision, narrative, original score and moving visuals are sure to resonate with viewers as they are reflected in these directors’ submissions. Below some quotes that speak to each of our talented director’s vision and approach:

Director: Maria Agui Carter
Short: Un par de suenos
“Our families have always valued education and sacrificed for our children. I grew up an illegal immigrant child while my mother supported me through piecework sewing pockets for a nickel in the NY garment district, but she encouraged my education and believed in my future. My story is part of a universal story — that of the inimitable fighting spirit of the Hispanic family.”

Director: Manolo Celi
Short: Nueva York
“Hispanics belong to one another. Especially here in New York City … we are all different, and yet we are all beautifully connected together here in la Gran Manzana!”

Director: Pablo Garcia
Short: La estacion de la Calle Olvera
“In all of us exists a desire of renovation and change when we migrate to the United States … the sad thing is that sometimes in the search we leave behind our identity and our values.”

The shorts which highlight inherent attributes shared by U.S. Hispanics will also be posted online and can be viewed by logging onto

In addition to the inspirational short films, Discovery en Espanol will also be premiering a number of spectacular specials and originals during HHM:

Lucha Libre — Sunday, September 14, 9:00 PM E/P

Lucha Libre is more than just a sport. It’s a lifestyle, a kind of religion that presides over its main cast of characters and the legions of fans who passionately follow it. Deeply rooted in history, Lucha Libre is not always as it seems. Even from its humble beginnings, fighters have been exploited and their bodies are constantly being pushed to the limit with rigorous training and steroids use.

This documentary follows two Lucha Libre Luchadores (fighters) during their quest to become the best in the sport. One Luchador, who is world renowned, fights his aging body and struggles to keep himself at the top of his game. The other, a passionate rookie, dreams of getting the chance to prove himself in the ring to become the most famous and successful Luchador of his time. Their realities are very different, but both have something in common: their consuming passion for the sport.

Warriors: Cortez and Montezuma — Sunday, September 21, 10:00 PM E/P
Lavish, all-action dramatic special based on the lives of men who shaped the world around them, either by sheer force of will, genius, courage or even greed. Powerful, magnetic personalities who have earned their place in the world’s imagination, all prepared to die for what they believed in — whether it was God or gold, or the pursuit of power and glory. From Cortez whose ambition and greed were only matched by his cunning, to Montezuma who extended the boundaries of the Aztec empire beyond the Valley of Mexico thereby gaining access to exotic goods, this series explores the strengths and even the weaknesses that drove these men to achieve what no one else had dared.

Tlatelolco Massacre — Sunday, October 5, 10:00 PM E/P

This is Mexico’s Tiananmen Square. The massacre took place on the night of October 2, 1968, when a student demonstration ended in a storm of bullets in La Plaza de las Tres Culturas at Tlatelolco, Mexico City. The extent of the violence stunned the country. When the shooting stopped, hundreds of people lay dead or wounded, as Army and police forces seized surviving protesters and dragged them away. Even though months of nation-wide student strikes had prompted an increasingly hard-line response from the Diaz Ordaz regime, no one was prepared for the bloodbath that Tlatelolco became. Who was responsible for Tlatelolco? The Mexican people have been demanding an answer ever since. Forty years later, the Tlatelolco massacre has grown large in Mexican memory, and lingers still.

Santa Muerte — Sunday, October 12, 10:00 PM E/P

In Mexico there is a cult that is rapidly growing — the cult of Saint Death. This female grim reaper, considered a saint by followers but Satanic by the Catholic Church, is worshipped by people whose lives are filled with danger and/or violence — criminals, gang members, transvestites, sick people, drug addicts and families living in rough neighborhoods. Santa Muerte examines the origins of the cult and takes us on a tour of the altars, jails, and neighborhoods in Mexico where the saint’s most devoted followers can be found.

Finally, some of this special month’s programming line-up will also bring back several of Discovery en Espanol viewers’ favorite specials including:

Discovery Atlas: Mexico — Sunday, September 14, 10:00 PM E/P
Misterios de Yucatan — Sunday, September 21, 9:00 PM E/P
La Virgen de Guadalupe — Sunday, September 28, 9:00 PM E/P
Santo Milagro — Sunday, September 28, 10:00 PM E/P
Viviendo en las Sombras — Sunday, October 5, 9:00 PM E/P
Objetivo el Norte — Sunday, October 12, 9:00 PM E/P

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually from September 15 through October 15. It is a time to recognize the country’s Hispanics and their ongoing contributions to the greatness and growth of the US.

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Save the House Superman Was Born in~!! The Estate of Jerry Siegel Needs Help

Posted by invizweb on September 3, 2008

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By Brad Meltzer of DC Comics:

For the past two years, while researching Jerry Siegel’s life for my new novel, I asked my friend Mike San Giacomo to take me to the actual house in Cleveland where Superman was created. I wanted to see the exact spot where young Jerry Siegel sat in his bed on that rainy summer night…where a seventeen(!) year old kid stared at his bedroom ceiling and gave birth to the idea of Superman.

And so we went. (You can read that whole adventure here and watch the video here).

But the one thing I quickly realized was that this house was in…well…it was in bad shape.

The house where Google was created is saved. The farm where Hewlett Packard was founded is preserved. And Richard Nixon’s house is a museum. But the house where Superman — one of the world’s most recognized heroes — was created? It’s a wreck. It’s actually a great old house — painted bright red and blue (really) — and owned by one of the kindest elderly couples in the world. But as the neighborhood sank, so did the house. When you walk inside, you feel like your foot might go through the floor. The roof is flawed. The paint is a mess. When you look up at the ceiling, you see the exposed rafters overhead. It’s a mess. Worst of all, the city of Cleveland let it happen. As the owner told me, “They won’t even give us a plaque. Not even a plaque to say, ‘This is where Superman was created.’”


Read more.

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