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EliteXC ‘Heat’ – 10/04/08 – round-by-round coverage Not good for TV.

Posted by invizweb on October 4, 2008

Segment:  Show opens with Ken apologizing that he pissed away 5 to 6 figures and possibly killing the office.  I wonder if this is the end for him.  Over a cut. he got from a headbutt during a warmup…There goes Elite.  Thank you Dr.  Fields…

Show returns with Frank saying Ken has tossed away the family legacy.  KIMBO is taking the fight against Petruzelli.

Can they fit 5 fights including a title fight in 2 hours?

Prefight video:  Benji Radach is hired by LA Boxing but doesn’t train there?  Good marketing Benji.

EliteXC ‘Heat’ – 10/04/08 – round-by-round coverage

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WWE SmackDown on MyNetworkTV Series Premiere recap

Posted by invizweb on October 4, 2008

New Opening Theme: I just got used to last season’s theme. Maria and Candice and Maryse are in the into now prominently. I agree with some of the critics this song is gonna need time.

Segment: Ross and Tazz introduce the show. JR and Tazz talk about 15 WWE superstars and Candice was put in a prominent place in the previewing showcase. Greg Helms auspiciously popped up in a video above the screen saying that he wants his money back if MVP is most payed. And the commentators thoroughly ignore him.

Opening Match: Jeff Hardy/ Rey Mysterio/ Batista/ Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle) vs Kane/ MVP/ JBL/ The Brian Kendrick (w/ Ezekiel). With that said I do not like Jeff’s opening theme. IS it me or is there acoustic issues already? No, apparently the WWE has completely damaged Rey’s heat so that Finlay and Hornswoggle get a better reaction on the ramp. No way is Batista 290lbs. Maybe 290 kilos. Good gods, Bryan Fucking Kendrick is so a total HBK ripoff. Spanky and Fit start. No wonder Finlay and Horny gets over: they are allowed to do double team spots on Kendrick and MVP befor ethe commercial break.

Why is MNTV doing a commercial that promotes for the premiering Star Wars show on Cartoon that starts the 2nd hour of this?

Action returns postcommerical with the faces getting heat on Kendrick? I don’t know how this makes sense. Kendrick finally finds an out with Ezekiel’s assistance. Everyone beats on Fit until Batista come sin and kills all the heels. Rey comes i and is about to double 619 Kendrick and MVP but Kane pulls him out and he hits face forward.

After the next commercial comes back, Tazz explains Lucha Libre mask stipulations like an ignorant honkey greaser would. Match returns with Rey taking whoopings from the heels. Rey keeps taking it until he counters a Kendrick attack with a variation of the Sliced Bread. The match finally goes Japanese when everyone comes in to do their running attacks ie Batista spearing JBL, Kendrick hitting a Running Wheel Kick, Finlay hitting Kendrick with a Clothesline, and Kane Booting Finlay. Then Rey nails Kane with a Missle Front Dropkick. 619 on MVP. Then Rey dives out on Kane. Jeff hits a Swanton to end the match pinning MVP.

Segment: The feud between the Big Show and the Undertaker is recapped. Big Show’s punches look decent I guess. Well it can be said that Vicky was dressed well for her destruction last week.

A commercial airs hyping the possibilities of Y2J/HBK’s battle on Sunday.

Segment: It appears the Big Show is GM tonight. Tiffany, Teddy Long, and Adamle are in the office trying to act as representatives for their respective shows. Tiffany is looking good tonight. Show comes in and shushes them all out. Chavo comes in complaining about hsi back, but Show threatens him with a beating if he does not wrestle a match tonight

Match 2: Santino Marella (WWE Intercontinental Champion w/ Beth Phoenix) vs Shelton Benjamin (WWE US Champion). Gregory Helms appears yet again over the action saying that Honkey Tonk Man would roll in his grave oveer the Honkey Meter and corrrects himself when he realizes Honkey is not dead. Santino’s schtick tonight contains decimals.

Post commercial, Shelton destroys Santino until Truth appears to rap. Distracted, Santino pins him after a flash Tornado Bomb while Shelton is heckling from the top rope.

Segment: The Big Show has an in-ring segment. Big Show makes claims that this match is for Vicky.

Match Three: Chavo Guerrero vs Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas) / The Great Khali (w/ Ranjin Singh) . Henry yells to Chavo that Show is not there to save him tonight. The two sacks beat on Chavo until Henry hits him with the PowerSlam and Khali uses the Head Vice for a Ref Stoppage. Show then hits Chavo with a Hook.

When Show challenges Taker, Taker appears behind him after the Show gets to the ramp. Just curious? If Chavo was afraid of Show why did he get himself caught in a situation surrounded by Show, Khali, and Henry? Why didn’t he slide out of the unguarded side of the ring? Show and Khali are not that fast.

Post commercial, there is a notice on the screen that the UFC 75 reurn was beaten by SmackDown last week.

Match Four: CM Punk and The Colons [Carlito/Primo (WWE Tag Team Champs)] vs Priceless [Ted DiBiase Jr/ Cody Rhodes (World Tag Team Champions) and Manu]. Carlito comments that since Manu would look stupid outside this should be a Trios Match. Primo once again steals Carlito’s line and big bro once again loses his temper. Primo hits all his moves smoothly. His dropkicks are great. Carlito is not bad. In the closing segment the Colons hit huge dives on Cody and Manu though Carlito looks like his Flip Senton caused him to land some on his lower back. This match is sorta decent I guess. It ends with a Go 2 Sleep on Ted Jr.

Segment: Sitting backstage, Festus and Jesse are thanked. They are apparently the permanent Janitors.

Semifinal: Beth Phoenix (WWE Women’s Champion) vs Michelle McCool (WWE Diva’s Champion). This is a Lumberjill Match,and I do not recognize half the girls at ringside. The Glamazon looks Glamorous tonight. Did Kelly just blush as Michelle walk past? Why did Michelle try a Double Leg Shoot? Doesn’t she know that Beth is an Amateur Wrestling champion? When Beth tried her Vader Face Eraser Michelle tried a Roll but its countered with a Backdrop Suplex and then a Canadian Backbreaker. When Beth takes a breather,the Heels let her have a Pass but immediately jump on Michelle. Maryse interferes on Beth’s behalf repeated causing McCool to fall to a Phoenix Glam Slam.

Segment: A recap video for Jericho’s feud with HBK plays. Jericho’s championship victory is rewound.

Main Event: HHH (WWE Champion) vs Matt Hardy (ECW Champion) vs Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Champion). Oh Oh. It looks like Matt got a better reaction than Hunter. You know what that means. Matt and HHH start by double-teaming Jericho. Then HHH betrays Matt. Commercial arrives as HHH and Matt are knocked off the apron with a Jericho Springboard Dropkick.

Commerical comes back and Jericho whips HHH and Matt together and they bonk lips. Later Jericho Monkey Flips HHH facefirst into Matt Hardy’s crotch while Matt was on the top. Then as Jericho and Matt were fighting on top HHH puts his face on Jericho crotch and Powerbombs him off while Jericho is Suplexing Jeff. Match finally ends with a HHH Pedigree on Matt.

Jericho kills HHH with a Code Breaker and then tries to crush Matt with a ladder until Jeff comes out. Jeff saves his bro and then lays out Hunter. As Jeff ia about to fly down Kozlov runs in with a Headbutt. Then he hits HHH with a Russian British Falls.

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