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EliteXC ‘Heat’ – 10/04/08 – round-by-round coverage Not good for TV.

Posted by invizweb on October 4, 2008

Segment:  Show opens with Ken apologizing that he pissed away 5 to 6 figures and possibly killing the office.  I wonder if this is the end for him.  Over a cut. he got from a headbutt during a warmup…There goes Elite.  Thank you Dr.  Fields…

Show returns with Frank saying Ken has tossed away the family legacy.  KIMBO is taking the fight against Petruzelli.

Can they fit 5 fights including a title fight in 2 hours?

Prefight video:  Benji Radach is hired by LA Boxing but doesn’t train there?  Good marketing Benji.

TV Opener: Murilo Ninja Rua vs Benji Radach

Round One:  Face Smashing Fu, or Face-smashed foolm Mr. Radach?  No intros as of now.  Are people booing Jimmy Lennon or are they still pissed?  Jorge Alonzo is ref.  He has a very distinct Spoasnish accent.  I hope its brutal.  Benji hit Ninja with a flurry.  Ninja flurries Radach.  They knock each other down.  Benji traps Ninja by the fence.  Double knockdown again.  Rua now has a waistlock on Benji.  Radach sprawls Ninja down and he tried a Front Headlock.  Benji shoots in and gets a Double into Side.  2 mins lef and Benji is Full Guard.  Both are in the Leglock position.  Ninja goes for a Heel Hook.  Benji spins out.  Ninja tries another Heel Hook.  Ninja takes Benji down when he tries to get up with a Whizzer. Round ends with Ninja on Side Top.

Round Two: Rua began with three unanswered Knees to the Body.  Then Benji tags him with a Overhand.  Ninja missed a Flying Knee and Benji punced on him for the win.

Result:  Benji Radach def Murilo Ninja Rua via R2 2:02 KO (Overhand from Mount & Ground and Pound)

The third Rua MMA brother, Marcos is mentioned off-screen.

Interview: Gina once again didn’t make weight.  Swine. Gina blushes since Kobold called ehr beautiful in another interview.  Typical girl power speech.

Video:  Kelly sure hits hard and fast.  They should show the Carano walk to the cage I hope.

TV Second: Kelly Kobold vs Gina Carano

Round One: Troy Waugh is ref.  Kelly starts wih a waistlock after Carno opens with a an Overhand to the side.  Gina tries to escape with Knees. Crowd booing.  Kelly’s striking does not look that good. Gina finally breaks free and they box.

Round Two:  Gina’s fast hands cause Kobald to clinch up.  Round ends with Kobold on top.

Round Three:  Its almost total Carano still.  Gina has really fast hands and Kelly cannot answer it.  I think Cris Cyborg will obliterate Gina though.  Kelly’s strategy while in a Front Headlock was Foot Stomps and they worked for a while.  Gina just tried a RNC standing from the Side.  Carano is slowing down.  Gina ends the round and the match as the bell rang with a clean Roudhouse Kick.  Probably unanimous for her.  Kobold is cut over the side of the nose bridge.

Result: Gina Carano def Kelly Kobald via 3R Decision  (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Postfight Interview: Gus Johnson in the cage.  Gina gets political and calls Kelly her toughest.  Why would Gina’s pops not be watching she is their.  She almost forgot to thank Xtreme Couture.

Video: Roy Nelson puts over food~!  But he compares himself to George Foreman, former THE RING World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.  Mauro says he has a rippling stomach instead of a ripped stomach.

Video: Andrei says he cannot dissapoint his Mom and his grands.  That gives him a really serious not to lsoe.  Can you imagine them throwing him to bear-filled woods when he comes home to Bealrus with an X?

TV Match Four: Roy Nelson vs Andrei Arlovski

Round One: Jorge Ortiz is the official.  Nelson takes Arlovski down with a BIG ASS BELLY BY BELLY SUPLEX~!  Nelson passed Guard to Side.  He tries for a Kimura.  Nelson tries to keep Arlvovski down with a Broken North South Position pinning his face with his round tummy.  Arlovski tries to shakehim off but Roy passes Open Guard and tries another Kimura.  Arloski Knees Big Country in the face when is in a Waistlock.  Fans are very restless.  Bad for TV.  Ray is slowly gassing.  Arlovski clocks him with one and the round ends with a Waitslock Clinch from Roy on Arlovski.

Interlude: Tito is interviewed.  Interviewer says Frank thinks Tito would be something fun to be done with his fists.

Round Two: Nelson hits a Left Hook from a SHoot.  Nelson’s facial expressions look like the Big Show after he runs a mile.Arlovski gets him in a Dirty Boxing Clinch and hits an Uppercut. Arlovski kills him with a Right Straight after a Low Inside Cut Kick follweed by a  Right Uppercut.

Result: Andrei Arlovski def Roy Nelson via R2 3:14 KO (Right Straight)

TV Semifinal: Jakes Shields vs Paul Daley (EliteXc Welterweight Title Match)

Round One: I agree with Ric; I want Daley to win.  Shields is so fucking boring and I did BJJ and Sambo so I know my Grappling .  Jorge Alonso is officiating. Daley had a nice Sprawl while Shields had a nice Kick.  Daley shrugged out a Clinch but Shields got a Shot into eventually Full Mount.  Daley rollout of a Armbar attempt and Daley is on top of Guard and raining some Elbows.  Go SEMTEX~!

Interlude: KIMBO is not happy with fighting Seth it seems.  The short notice is not appreciated as Kimbo left such a thing “in his unprofessional past.”

Round Two: Semtex Sprawls a Takedown and hits a Knee.  Shields is fatiguing.  SEMTEX hits a nice Uppercut.  Shields got Daley down with a Bear Hug. Shields with his Bitch Hits. Ref should stand it. SEMTX laughs at BITCH HITS.  Shields finally gets an Armbar.  He really should have gotten stood up.  I would not hire him for a TV promotion.  EXTRA JAKE SHIELDS KILLS ELITE XC.

Result: Jakes Shields def Paul Daley via R2 Submission (Armbar)

Main Event: Seth Petruzelli vs Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson)

Round One:  CBS told them they had 2 hours.  Why are they lasting the closing minutes on nonfighting? So CBS didn’t pull them eyt.  Still I wonder are there repurcussions.  This would not be Seth’s first freak MMA Main Event as he fought Bob Sapp in a K-1 Main Event.  ANd KIMBO loses and so does Elite.  Seth hits a .  Mauro jokes that Kimbo should have instead asked for the Hulkster who is in attendence.  Seth blocked with a Push Kick to the body, then hit a quick Jab, and Seth flurries wih Punches.

Result: Seth Petruzelli def Kimbo Slice via R1 KO (Flurry)

And now my mom is being a cunt and nagging me if this make sme money and says htis is a dead end job.  Casey and Euan, never think I do not sacrafice for my site as my sanity is tested every time I do this.

This show will kill Elite.  Seth just admitted that he was about to retire but decided to fight.  KIMBO tries to show some Face. “Its all good.”  GUS, do not piss him off now.  Why congratulate Seth?  He is not being put over.  Instead of cutting their loss, Elite wanted the Main and now they killed the Independent MMA scene.

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