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The Legacy of Ranma ½

Posted by invizweb on October 10, 2008

Taken from Shonen Sunday January, 1996 (via Rumic World)

In Japan, the mourning period for Ranma ½ still continues. The week after the last episode of Ranma in Shonen Sunday, a Ranma Memorial Section started, and has continued for several months. (Rumors of a shrine with candles in the Shogakukan offices are unsubstantiated.) Rumiko Takahashi herself, while working on a new manga feature for this Fall, has even come forward to console her fans with unrevealed secrets of the series. Want to know what would happen if Mousse got contact lenses? If Ranma had fallen half-in, half-out of a Jusenkyo pool? So do thousands of Japanese fans, whose letters to Takahashi have been answered in the Ranma Memorials. Reprinted here are some answers to those stay-awake-at-night questions.

Question: Before they came to the Tendo house, how did Ranma have any money to go to school? You never see Genma working. In the early days, when he went to school with Ryoga, he must have at least had money to buy bread…

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