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Disinformation: The Podcast (Series Premiere)- The Egypt Code

Posted by invizweb on October 31, 2008

Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall have long been supporters of my work. I was going to interview for a Halloween special however I am dying of the FLU~! Thus for Halloween folks I highly recommend listening to their new show and subscribing to their feed. HAPPY HALLOWEEN & SAMHAIN everyone~!

Disinformation: The Podcast – The Egypt Code

(C) Robert Bauval

(C) Robert Bauval

In the inaugural episode of Disinformation: The Podcast, Raymond and Joe speak with author Robert BauvalThe Egypt Code. Robert Bauval is the author of The Orion Mystery and co-author, with Graham Hancock, of Talisman. His new book, The Egypt Code, explores the relationship between ancient Egyptian myth, ritual, architecture and astronomy. Mr. Bauval joins us from Spain to discuss his life, his work and his philosophy.

The feed.

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