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W – The Wounded Puppy

Posted by invizweb on November 8, 2008

From Open Salon:

The day after the election, the Wall Street Journal posted an opinion article lamenting the treatment that president Bush has been receiving from the American public. The WSJ not only calls criticisms of Bush “disgraceful,” but implies that the treatment (re: criticism) Bush gets from the American people will embolden our enemies.

The poor president not only faces “relentless attacks” from the left, but was abandoned and left out in the cold by the right. No matter what the poor president does he just can’t escape the blame for the past 8 years of America’s problems. All he wanted was a little bit of unquestioning loyalty, a pocket full of blank checks to cash whenever he needed to exercise his divine mandate to rule. Instead the American people either shamefully criticized him or turned their backs saying “hey, he’s your friend – you brought him to the party…I came with the maverick.”

According to the piece, the American people have no character and are weak, cruel, and slanderous. If only we just accepted the regent’s mandates we would have crushed our enemies, kept our economy running, and all gone to sleep at night safely wrapped in our American flags under the watchful paternal eyes of homeland security. Instead we no longer can afford to press our button down Oxford shirts and silk ties, illegal immigrants sneak into our homes at night to steal jobs and mortgages, and our enemies will slaughter us all in the coming apocalypse.

Are you sad yet? Are you feeling a little bit sympathetic? Are you ready to pat poor W on the head, maybe scratch him behind the ear a little and tell him that you’re sorry? I for one, am not.

I’m also not cruel, slanderous, or weak. I am not arrogant and have plenty of resolve – the kind you get from standing up for what you believe, not from kowtowing to the whims of a would be monarch and his court. As for character, I ask you this – who has more character – the son of a powerful family handed the best education, a get of of Vietnam free card, and eventually the presidency or the sons and daughters of families who worked three jobs to get through college, face insurmountable debt to creditors, and were sent to bleed and die on foreign battlefields for questionable motives and platitudes about freedom and liberty?

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