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Is that Horus the Avenger and an Intacto review?

Posted by invizweb on December 3, 2008


My aunt lent me the movie Intacto and I have to say it is not something of my interest. Perhaps as someone who is investigating and researching the occult, I do not totally leave things to luck or think of chance as much as probability, synchronicity, and CHAOS.

On that note, a car was about to hit my side head-on as it was turning a corner at Yellowstone Blvd in Forest Hills, Queens, NY as I was crossing the street Monday night. A similar incident occurred in the nearby vicinity as I was walking off the curb when a car literally drove parallel to me inches apart. Thus a warning to travellers to Forest Hills: the culture of Forest Hills drivers expecially in my vicinity are prone to reckless driving.


On the flip side as I was jogging around Corona Park at noon, I saw a hawk. Yes a legitimate hawk, possibly a peregrine falcon. I thought it was odd to see such a large pigeon until i got with a yard and realized it was a hawk (as a park ranger would tell me) which I identified as an eagle in texts to friends, scarfing down on a pigeon freshly hunted. t was a regal creature which is why I was worried when a suspicious looking 50 yr old man started stomping near the raptor to test its meddle. The bird tore into lunch while eying the man stoically. Hawks are associated with the Pharonic God, Horus, who represents immortality. And thats who i thought I was in the presence of; surely this was Horus arriving to begin of his Aeon which Aleister Crowley (name drop) wrote about in length. But alas I did some research on WikiPedia and found that birds of prey are more common in New York than I assumed.

I apologize for my subpar and lackluster writing for days to come (as well as lack of updates). I might be coming down with an episode as I am constantly enervated and in need of sleep.


One Response to “Is that Horus the Avenger and an Intacto review?”

  1. jdmf said

    Remind me not to go walking with you in Forest Hills without a suit of armor.

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