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Domo Arigato Miyamoto Shigeru-kun 56 times

Posted by invizweb on December 20, 2008

I am at a loss for words at time so I will just have to say what I feel.

Domo arigato Miyamoto Shigeru-kun.

(C) Tina Fineberg/AP

(C) Tina Fineberg/AP

Almost two  decades ago in the last Saturday of December of 1990, my dad was excited because he was going to give me what otehr kids have: happiness through my very first video game console.  I did not know what the fuss was as I was going to miss the latest episode of Friday the 13th: The Series.  After three hours and assistance from my near genius cousin, we finally got the damn Ninetndo Entertainment System hooke dup on our old Zenith TV.  I did decently on the first three or four levels of Duck Hunt.  However, around mdnight, my brother and I decided to switch the console system on restart to finally play the crown jewel of console gaming at the time: Super Mario Bros.   After two minutes we were cruising along, stomping Goombas and Koopa Troopas until we reached the first pit.  That night neither of us could make it.  A few weeks later my dad played it and explained to my brother that he needed to do a running jump to cross over.  I was never able to cross that first pit without sweating bullets (think about level 8-1 now Mario afficionados0), and if I did the first Goomba would do me in.  I fared better with Super Mario Brothers 3 though.  I still have fear of side scrolling platforms and jumping was hell for me in Final Fantasy X and Rogue Galaxy.

Thank you Miyamoto for bringing joy to millions of children with the story of your Italian Brooklynite plumber chomping down on psilocybin shrroms and brutalizing turtles.   You are in fact a great man.  Belated 56th birthday (November 16, 2008) wishes to you~!

Christopher Coats has the scoop on the game maker’s life and works at Finding Dulcinea.


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