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YuleTide: Santa Klaus and His Companions #2 – KRAMPUS

Posted by invizweb on December 21, 2008

The picture below was found by Jacob Sloan, blogger on Disinfo.



Krampus is a troll-like figure who accompanies the Santa Claus . His name derives from the Old High German word for “claw.” He is furry, and sometimes green. Doctor Zeus, er Seus, the celebrated author who also happens to be of German descent, may have been influenced by the Krampus when he created the Grinch.

Krampus was apparently an incubus in origin (thus why this Protestant minded country has stopped him at the border). Now he goes around scaring the bad children of Christmas giving them coal lumps if they constantly misbehaved, or whipping them (he is an incubus ya know). His day of celebration, known as the Krampusumzuge, is December 06th in Bavaria (Germany) and Austria. He is also quite popular in the Alpine countries, Croatia, and Slovenia. There may be a link between him and the Goddess Perchta whom will be introduced in the coming days. Similar to the entourage of Perchta, folks (usually guys) dress up as Krampus (usually with masks and costumes made of fur and wood), get drunk (it is not always necessary but it happens VERY often), and march around giving frights to folks (usually the ladies) on the streets. A merry time is had by all (except for the Krampus dumb enough to walk up to Mirko Cro Cop last holiday season.)~! Traditionally, they were the children of lower income families causing havoc as their recreational activity.  From the picture above, I am guessing, oranges would be most appeasing to it.

Krampus is one of the more “popular obscure characters” (if you can understand what I mean) in our exposé of winter players. Aside from the role of the Grinch, Krampus has appeared as itself on the Venture Brothers, dry humping Rusty Venture from behind, during the Christmas special. He also appeared on some G4TV commercials and was a monster of the week on the CW network’s Supernatural. An independent horror film featured the Krampus as its namesake and star.

(C) Jackson Publick via of Epic Proportions

(C) Jackson Publick via of Epic Proportions

To learn more about Krampus feel free to visit here and here (in his Bavarian habitat).

(C) The Local

(C) The Local

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