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YuleTide: The Twelve Deities of Solstice #10 – HERU (HORUS)

Posted by invizweb on December 29, 2008


A falcon in Queens

WARNING: The following story is explicit for real. Some communities may consider it lascivious.   Do not blame me; blame the Egyptian scribes who originally transcribed the story in the Papyrus Chester-Beatty, and the two translators (alright Chester-Beatty was one guy; seriously, why was the hyphen used when it was both surnames of one man who did not use it officially)?

Osiris, the Pharaoh and God lay dead. He was slain by his “brother” (whether sworn or by birth, it differs between accounts) Set (also known as the Typhonic Beast), God of the Desert who supposedly wanted the thrown for himself. Isis (Goddess of Healing Magics) and Nephythys (Psychopomp), Osiris’ wives and sisters gathered his pieces to put him back together. Then Isis cast a spell that allowed her to resurrect her husband for one day, for which they conceived the child Heru, more commonly known by his Latin name, Horus.

Horus was a major deity to the lives of the Egyptian peoples during the Pharonic ages.  As he was conceived of Isis and the deceased Osiris in what can be deemed a miraculous manner,  Horus was considered the God of the New Beginnings.  In addition, he was the “Lord of the Skies” and “Protector of the Earth.” So important was  this role of his that the Pharaoh was supposed to be the living embodiment of Horus.  Intersting to note that before Ra became venerated as the leader of the Gods (which Horus was in some locales), Horus was considered the brother of Isis and Osiris.  Thus to explain the changing roles, it was later retconned that Horus the Elder was the uncle whom young Horus was named after. Possibly due to the confusion over the two Horus, his birthday is listed as December 25 on some calendars and July 15 on others.  On the festival dedicated to his birthday, the royal court performed an elaborate ceremony where allegiances were renewed.  Beer also flowed in the streets.  Heru’s name actually translates to “harpooner.” Thus, when a member of royalty passed away, a replica of Horus’ spear was entombed by his/her mummy.   Horus’ principal temple was in Edfu, south of Luxor, where is stands today preserved very well.

Set and Horus would battle for all of Egypt (and revenge for Osiris’ murder) until Horus came out victorious as the stories dictated.  Violence was not the only arena of combat though; sexual one-upsmanship was also employed.  Although Isis birthed Horus, it was Nepththys, who is known as Set’s wife in some versions of the story, who breastfed the infant Horus.  Although Set and Horus were in some stories, of dual gender like Attis and Hermaphroditus, Set initiated  Horus to perform the role of being his bottom for anal intercourse.  Horus, tricked him, and instead deposited Set’s sperm into a river.  Later, Horus would inseminate a piece of lettuce, Set’s favorite food, and goad Set to devouring it (thus SPIKE TV and UFC are continuing ancient tradition of food insemination.  I knew Dana White is  super Conservative but he is that old school I guess).  Set compalined and took Horus to court (which he considered a heel move even though he killed Osiris earlier).  “Making love” did in fact create war that time.  So fierce was their fighting that Horus lost an eye (varies on versions whether it was the one which represnted the sun or the moon), and in retaliation, Set lost a testicle.  In avenging his father, Horus embodied the concept of Justice in those eras.  The “Eye of Horus” which is fashionable now with New Agers was that lost eye healed by the milk of the Love Goddess Hathor.  The Eye is said to bring good fortune (and in the minds of some, “illumination.”  Just don’t say it out loud to Alex Jones or David Icke).  Falcon Press of the late Christopher Hyatt used the Eye as its symbol.

One of the major occult events of the 20th Century centers on Horus. On March 16, 1904, in Cairo, while entranced, Rose Kelly, then wife of Aleister Crowley, mentions the name of Horus specifically to the future Master Therion, and even later points to a drawing of him in a museum. Knowing that his wife knew little or nothing about the occult, Crowley sits in his chamber and “receives”  the Book of the Law (Book CCXX [220]: Libel AL vel Legis)  and divines the name, Heru Ra Ha. Heru Ra Ha is a composite deity comprised of Ra Hoor Khuit (“Ra who is Horus on the Horizon”) and Hoor pa Kraat (“Horus the Child”). We are currently in the Aeon of Horus according to the writing of Crowley. In this Aeon, self-realization is supposed to be reached by the masses. However, great upheaval is said to occur that will be a mark of the age (it is not all light and fluffy like the Political Correct culture tries to spin it).

Just in case you missed it, I wrote of a run-in I had with a falcon.  It was a wonderful experience.  The above picture was from that time.


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