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Right Where You Are Sitting Now! EPISODE 21 – 2008: Obama, Anonymous and the State of Neo Paganism with’s Raymond Wiley and Austin Gandy

Posted by invizweb on January 8, 2009

(C) 2008 Right Where You Are Sitting Now!

(C) 2008 Right Where You Are Sitting Now!

Ken wrote:

This week we mark the end of our holiday break by discussing some of our ‘favorite bits’ of 2008. Topics covered in this show include Anonymous, The end of Neo-Paganism as we know it?, Patriots and the Georgia Guidestones and of course Obama (or in this case OBAWWWWMA).

Joining me for this episodes banter is Sir Raymond Wiley and Lord Austin Gandy from ye olde Out There Radio and the all new Disinformation The Podcast.

Download now.

Of course Lady Claire Lumiere delivers us the latest Weekly Weird News and the Nobleman that is Daddytank serves up another great MySpace Heroes in the shape of:

District Of Evolution New Paper Crusader
Magnetic Stripperset 5a
ZabutomLeningrad Vodka Rush
A Boy And His RecorderIce Cream Chuck

The episode of Out There Radio that Raymond plugs with no shame throughout the show can be found at

Join us weekly again from now, as we examine counterculture, the Occult, underground and all the usual good stuff…so you don’t have to.

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