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Big Personal Update

Posted by invizweb on May 3, 2009

Day 510 of Unemployment and counting…

As you folks may have seen, MMA-Blitz is now open for business.  Contrary to what it should actually mean for this site, I will probably update this site once a day again?  How? When I am working for Mr Trowbridge I get inspired sometimes through the mundanities of some elements of the Combat Sports biz (makes me realized who I hate today).  In addition, I am already on the keyboard:)  However, the past podcasts of the Invisible Web may be down for a few days as I am trying to negotiate with new possible web hosting sites.

Those who actually give a hoot, know I went to Laid Off Camp yesterday.  If it ever comes to a metropolitan area nearest you, I implore you to attend.  Might give some good ideas.  However, if it ever comes up again on Free Comic Book Day, which supposed to be the 2nd Happiest Day in the Year for me (after Halloween; if would be Carnival if I live din a town with one), they I will be very heart-broken again.   Really yesterday sucked a lot for me~!

However, with I will take the fact that I need to concentrate part of my day on the job search.  I will take the workshopper’s suggestion i do it early in the day between when I finish watching the Daily Show (11:00 AM EST Monday through Thursday) and maybe 5:00 PM EST.   Thus for updates on this site and the above-mentioned Blitz, check back after 6:00.  For Blitz, I am planning on doing one summary update on indy MMA news briefings we receive and one on indy Pro-wrestling news releases.  In addition, the Wrestling Events List will be posted whenever it arrives daily.  Kris Zellner’s Lucha Report will resume once the lucha scene in Mexico returns from normal post Influenza-One (aka the “Swine Flu”, which is a misnomer since it is not directly contracted from eating pork).

My second main job now on Blitz (besides the other guy who helps pay the bills) is updating news on the scenes in Japan and Mexico.  Hence, my new weekly podcast, the Mexipan Power of the Hour.  I hope it is new every 10 days atleast.  On most of the shows I will interview someone as if not more privy on the Japanese Pro wrestling scene (and hopefully, occasionally the Lucha scene) and talk the weekly news as well as gab.  However, due to popu;ar demand, I will hopefully at least 12 times a year find news in the worlds of Full Contact Karate (i.e. KuDo and Kyokushin Ryu) and Judo.  Also, I will try to get contacts with in FILA, the Olympic organizing body for Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Submission, Sambo (or some form of it)  and Beach wrestling.

And remember true believers, face forward (OK, I stole that from Stan Lee, but I am not profiting from it so I guess its OK).


Alan (Inviz Web)


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