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NFL and Major League Baseball Both Represented at Dream 9’s Super Hulk Tourney…WHAT~?

Posted by invizweb on May 12, 2009

As announced on April 20, 2009, Choi Hong Man, the 7’2 Korean star of the K-1 promotion will compete in the Super Hulk Tournament at DREAM 9 on May 26 at the famed Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa, against none ofter than…former Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics outfielder and Chicago White Sox batter JOSE CANSECO.  Yes that Jose Canseco.  And contrary to some reports, the match is still on.  If I was matchmaker/booker I would have booked Bob Sapp, former NFL substitute, vs Canseco.   That said I would have had Kinnikuman, Dos Caras Jr, Akebono, Butterbean, Ewerton Teixeira, Park Yong Soo (a 6’6 guy throwing spin kicks vs a Karate guy would definitely entertain some people), Semmy Schilt, Tony Valente (beware the Kungfu), and Kyle Maynard entered into this totally bonkers Grand Prix.  In addition, I would book Canseco’s former opponent, Danny Bonaduce, in a non-tournament match, probably against Parinya Nong Tum, as it would be poetic justice (especially when Nong Tum bashes his face in for committing such a hate crime).

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