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Pro Wrestling News for May 19, 2009

Posted by invizweb on May 19, 2009

FIP in June: On June 6 at the National Guard Armory (8551 W Venable St) in Crystal River, FL 8:00 PM bell time, Full Impact Pro, will host it’s next card.  So far scheduled are: (1) Rhett Titus & The British Lions vs  Chris Jones & Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong; (2) Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinaruro vs Kenny King & Jason Blade; (3) Jay Bradley vs TJ Perkins.  Also scheduled to appear are:  Shawn Osborune, Grizzly Redwood, Davey Richards.

WPW in June (Summer Extraveganza 6): On June 6 at the Riverside Beneficial Association (1742 Pear St) in Reading, PA 3:30 PM bell time, World Professional Wrestling will host their Summer Extraveganza 6 show.  Matches announced so far include: (1) Cage of Teror Match – The War Gods vs Kingdom of Heaven; (2) Steel Cage Match- Din Mak vs Matt Bomboy; (3) Steel Cage Grudge Match- Salvatore Sincere & Vicne Bono vs Darren Wyse & “X.”

IWC SUPER INDY VIII Results for May 15 & May 16, 2009 (Elizabeth, PA): Super Indy VIII Tournament Results – (1) Justin Idol def Tony Kozina; (2) Joey Ryan def Jason Gory; (3) Elijah Burke def Michael Façade; (4) Too Cold Scorpio def Davey Richards; (5) Sami Callihan def. Delirious to become #1 Seed in Tournament; (6) John McChesney def Colt Cabana def Super Hentai to become # 2, 3, and 4 Seeds respectively; (7)Michael Façade def Jason Gory, Tony Kozina, & Cj Sensation to become Final Seed  in the Tournament; (8) Justin Idol def Joey Ryan; (9) Colt Cabana def Too Cold Scorpio; (10) Sami Callihan def. Michael Façade; (11) Super Hentai def Elijah Burke; (12) Super Hentai def Sami Callihan; (13)Justin Idol def  Colt Cabana; (14) [Finals] Super Hentai def Justin Idol…Non Tournament matches – (15) Jimmy DeMarco def Necro Butcher; (16) Logan Shulo/Irish Airborne/ Ray Rowe/ Shane Taylor def Shiima Xion/Mickey & Marshall Gambino/ Eric XtasyRicky Reyes; (17) Shiima Xion & Necro Butcher def The Irish Airborne; (18)  Ricky Reyes def Davey Richards; (19) Eric Xtasy def CJ Sensation; (20) Jason Gory def Marion Fontaine.  (Thanks to: Joe Dombrowski)


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