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Anti Pro-Life: The Assassination of Doctor Geoge Tiller and the Tweeting of the Extremist Right

Posted by invizweb on June 2, 2009

Maybe we can finally do away with the evil phrase “pro-life” after today’s murder…I meant “evil” when used by anti-abortion activists. Especially ones who are so life loving they shoot doctors. At church.Rachel Kramer Bussel (May 31, 2009).

(Updated late June 02, 2009)

Dr.  George Tiller, was a abortion provider known for late-term abortions in Wichita,  Kansas.  He survived a violent shooting in 1993 and was and still is frequently demonized by telextremist Bill O’Reilly.  Dr.  Tiller was fatally shot on May 31, 2009.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARPAL Pro-Choice, wrote in memoriam for Dr.  Tiller:

I’m writing you today to express my immeasurable shock and deep sadness over the murder of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas.

On behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America and our affiliates, our prayers and thoughts are with Dr. Tiller’s family and friends.

If you don’t know very much about his background, for almost two decades Dr. Tiller and those individuals who helped provide care to his patients have lived under intense harassment tinged with persistent threats of violence. Even under these adverse circumstances, Dr. Tiller never wavered in his commitment to providing abortion services and other reproductive health care to women and their families, often in the most difficult and heart-breaking circumstances.

Dr. Tiller’s murder will send a chill down the spines of the brave and courageous providers and other professionals who are part of reproductive-health centers that serve women across this country. We want them to know that they have our support as they move forward in providing these essential services in the aftermath of the shocking news from Wichita.

We understand that the investigation is ongoing and that law-enforcement officials have detained a suspect. If it proves to be an act of anti-abortion violence, as we suspect it is, then the full weight of the law must be used to send a clear message that these types of attacks will be prosecuted fully and swiftly.

We also call on opponents of a woman’s right to choose to condemn this action completely and absolutely. What happened today in Wichita cannot become the beginning of a more aggressive wave of violence targeting abortion providers and the women for whom they provide care. Women accessing their legal right to abortion—and the providers who make this possible—should never be targets of violence.

As we all reflect on Dr. Tiller’s service to women and the work of thousands of reproductive-health care providers across the country, let us stand strong in this challenging time. You can connect with other pro-choice Americans on our blog, Facebook, or by reaching out to your state’s affiliate.


Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

Meanwhile, the Extreme Right (and/or trolls) gleefully celebrate death, as collected in such tweets as:

  • Crap, I always forgot hashtags. I’m happy Tiller’s dead. – Jennifer Waite, Selah, Washington
  • UPDATE… Doctor George Tiller was aborted today in his 204th trimester – aren’t paybacks a bitch – Punch
  • oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD! – Samantha Pelch
  • George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won’t be caught. – readnwatchchris, Creedmor. NC
  • was George Tiller the baby killers brain scrambled the way he scrambled full term fetuses.. one can only hope – Brad S
  • Infamous baby killer George Tiller gunned down at (irony) church. Why do I not feel sorry for him? Have fun at Judgment Day. – James Fiddler
  • tiller the baby killer shot dead…wow. is it insensitive of me to say what goes around comes around? – Brad M. Negulescu Cleveland.
  • George Tiller the Baby Killer shot dead. May he rot in Hell. – Amy Strong
  • Tiller Baby Killer was shot and killed this morning Justice has been served. – Shirl Ledeux
  • Thinking about “Tiller the baby killer” He now knows the wages of sin is death. – Dianne McDowel

More to be read here.  As some of the people in the proported “Pro Life” movement are misadvertising and resort to extremist violence some argue that it would be better suited to call some of them another name…terrorist.

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