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A Last Hurrah for Xia (俠) Past

Posted by invizweb on June 8, 2009

On June 03, 2009, David Carradine’s body was found in his Bangkok Hotel room.   He had a rope around his neck, but his arms were also bound thus causing some to question if it was suicide.  Carradine was most renowned for his role as Kwai Chang Caine (and his grandson) in Kung Fu and Kung Fu:  the Legend Continues, as well as Bill in Kill Bill. He was age 72.

(C) Jano Rohleder via WikiMedia Commons

(C) Jano Rohleder via WikiMedia Commons

However, around the time of David Carradine’s passing, Shih Kien (石堅), left the world at age 96.  Shih, born on January 1, 1913, in the then Republic of China’s Guangdong province, a pioneer of Hong Kong cinema and the wuxia (Medival martial arts action) genre of films was famous for his role as Mr.  Han, the main antagonist, in Enter the Dragon.  As a kid, I saw him first in the role of Iron Palm Sect champion Qiu Qianren (Kou Chianyun) and his twin Qiu Qianzhang (Kou Chianjiang) in the TVB 1982 adaption of Jin Yong’s Legend of Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes serial novels. Every inch a villain he played.  Thus to this day, atrocious villains in wuxia films are called Shih Kiens.  Mr.  Shih passed away due to kidney failure June 03, 2009.

Thank you.  You both brought much joy to the world and to my life:  you helped a little boy dream.


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