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The Mexipan Power of the Hour (Pilot Debut!!)

Posted by invizweb on June 23, 2009

Today marks the debut of the Mexipan Hour of the Power, a new periodic (hopefully weekly or semimonthly) podcast exploring the combat sports scenes in Japan and Mexico. Our debut episode is a lighter hearted than originally planned round table on the recent passings in Japanese Pro Wrestling. Our guests are Alan “4Life” Counihan, Joe Gagne, Mike Sempervive, and Dr. Keith Lipinski.

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Here is what I quickly wrote on the passing of Mitsuharu Misawa during the day it occured.  I will probably write more in the coming days.   This is what Alan (4L) wrote.  Slam in Canada also did an awesome interview with Dory Funk Jr and Ted DiBiase Sr, who were both close associates of the man.

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