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WE SHALL CONFOUND ALL THE LISTENERS~! (Invisible Web the Podcast Season 4 Episode One)

Posted by invizweb on July 20, 2009

Season 4 Episode One – We Shall Confound All the Listeners~!

It is  a new season on the Invisible Web.  After blatantly ripping off Torchwood‘s approach of a mini-season, I return with Paul Karasik, a comic archivist, associate editor of Art Spiegelman’s RAW comic anthology, and contributor to the New Yorker and Nickelodean Magazine.  In 2003, with sister Judy, he  co-authored  the Ride Together, the award winning memoir of their brother David and his life with autism.

(C) Paul and Judy Karasik

(C) Paul and Judy Karasik

In 2007,with Fantagraphics Books, he edited and released Fletcher Hanks’ I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Worlds!, an anthology of  Fletcher Hanks Sr’s lost works found again by Paul from various locations.

(C) Paul Krasalik?

(C) Paul Karasik?

This Thursday, at Brooklyn, NY’s own Desert Island, Paul, along with Dan Nadel, will celebrate the release of the second Fletcher Hanks anthology, You Shall Die by Your Own Creation! Be there or YOU SHALL PERISH FROM YOUR OWN BORED VOLITION~!

(C) Paul Karasik?

(C) Paul Karasik?

Paul’s FaceBook profile.

The Official Fletcher Hanks Website.

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