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Woeful Blogger Drabbles # 5

Posted by invizweb on August 5, 2009


And now the most blackest present for the most brutal of all bass players…NOTHING!

Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse Season Two, Episode Three. “BirthdayFace”

Nothing would be a welcome gift.

The blackest of black gifts of all.

That which chokes miasma itself is ennui.

It is a miasma that is the curse of human civilization.

Existential bleakness.

It feel like a Shovel Hook to the Gut.

Or a Rear Knee to the Groin.

Today I feel such despair.

I never did ask to be born.

Well I am here now.

As I ultimately no nihilist,

I will make sure my misery will have company.

I dedicate this to everyone who posts how much they love their birthday on Facebook.  Remember, “where There is Light there Must Also Be Shadows”.  Bruce Lee says “Flow Like Water,” I retort, “Flow Like the Endless Night Skies.”

Dark Moon Rising

Dark Moon Rising


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