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Your Trip Into the Chapel Perilous

(Julian Baggini: The New Atheist Movement is destructive) and (Jason Pitzl Waters: Inside the Mind of Linda Harvey)

Posted by invizweb on September 2, 2009

From a commentary by Julian Baggini:

– The antitheism of the four horsemen is for me a backwards step. It reinforces what I believe is a myth, that an atheist without a bishop to bash is like a fish without water, Julian Baggini writes.

Text: Julian Baggini
Published: March 19. 2009

“What do you think about the four horsemen?” It’s a question I often get asked, quite understandably, since I wrote the Very Short Introduction to atheism. That book provides no answer, because it came out before Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens unleashed their apocalypse. But surely I must have an opinion on the biggest phenomenon in popular atheism since Bertrand Russell?

Well I do, but it comes with one huge caveat: I have not read any of their books. That does not, however, disqualify me from having an opinion about them. Let me defend both apparently intellectually disreputable confessions.

The rest is here.

Makes sense, if something does not exist why dolt or fear it when instead there are more specific concrete  dangers in this world as pointed out by Jason Pitzl Waters on points made by Mission:  America founder Linda Harvey, such as:

“A narrow definition of witchcraft would be a series of rituals, spells and actions that attempt, whether they realize it or not, to contact the demonic realm to try to get the evil spirits to cooperate with them with whatever they want to do … [witchcraft and the occult] has penetrated virtually all areas of entertainment and the media … Unfortunately, all these children have to do to get information is get on the Internet. Several Web sites have a youth section where kids can go and find covens in their cities and suburbs. Yes, these youth are going right from these books and media to these fora. All it takes is for them to have a little more interest and then going a little further with their interest and looking it up.”

Would it not be better for and team-up between an oppressed disenfranchised religion and their better-funded neighbor partner against a  common cause?

4 Responses to “(Julian Baggini: The New Atheist Movement is destructive) and (Jason Pitzl Waters: Inside the Mind of Linda Harvey)”

  1. morsec0de said

    “Would it not be better for and team-up against a common cause?”

    What common cause? Demons and witchcraft doesn’t exist. Why should an atheist care about Pagans?

    • invizweb said


    • invizweb said

      That is culturally insensitive, ethnocentristic, and bigoted. Pagans believe in Earth deities not Demons (those are Demonaltrists and certain Left Hand Path denominations). Further more, all Pagans believe in Witchcraft either. In fact, I would say many Pagans do not believe that they can sense demons or have occult powers to that extent. Also, there are approximately 307,000 self-identified NeoPagans in the United States, including respected members of the community such as NPR journalist Margot Adler, psychologist Timothy Leary, and comic writer Grant Morrison, I do not understand how denying anyone’s existence or civil rights help your cause. If you want to be ignorant and intolerant on your own blog that is fine as long as you do not preach it upon people.

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