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Posthuman Studios Has a Game for You

Posted by invizweb on September 3, 2009

From an interview Ray Huling recently conducted for H+:

Games are playgrounds for ideas, and, these days, the playgrounds that best entertain ideas are role-playing games. Since the advent of Dungeons & Dragons in 1974, tabletop role-playing games have been crucibles for both ideas about gaming and ideas about the subjects of the game. RPGs have greatly influenced how we play everything from video games to card games and how we think about, say, killing things and taking their stuff.

Posthuman Studios, a game development company, is focusing the idea-power of RPGs on the questions raised by transhumanism. Their new game, Eclipse Phase, allows players to explore the most far-out transhumanist possibilities in a cosmic horror setting. Playing this game, you quickly realize that, in a transhuman future, killing things is often a bad idea… and you may not even want their stuff.

Posthuman game developers Rob Boyle and Brian Cross set out to contend with the broadest variety of transhuman notions. “Eclipse phase is a biological term, referring to the moment between a virus’s infection of a cell and its duplication within it. The game occurs at a time when the full spectrum of transhumanity lies scattered across the stars. Humanity has divided into factions, differentiated by their socio-political practices and by their distance from baseline humanity. Vastly powerful artificial intelligences lurk in the darkness and a mysterious plague, the Exurgent Virus, has wrought deep transformations on swathes of transhuman civilization.

Interview portion and the rest of the article here.

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