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Updated: 10-14-2009 Order of Esoteric Research Discussion Annotation Links

Posted by invizweb on October 15, 2009

I would like to thank the Order of Esoteric Research at City Univrsity of New York at Hunter College for inviting me to hang out with their club today.  There was a brief chat on Chaos Magick and I volunteered some links to help.  They will be updated later today (Thursday, October 15, 2009).

Chaotes (Pioneers and Practitioners):

Austin Osman Spare

A contemporary of Aleister Crowley and founder of the Zos Kia Cultus, Spare’s techniques were adopted by the Illuminates of Thanateros during the formative years of chaos magic.

Brion Gysin

Possibly the spiritual leader of the Beat movement, Gysin made use of the Cut-Up Technique of Tristan Tzara’s for his workings and introduced the Master Musicians of Joujouka to Bryan Jones of the Rolling Stones.

Peter J Carroll

One of the primary founder of the IOT (Illuminates of the Thanateros) the premiere organization of Chaos Magickians during the days of its inception.

Ramsey Dukes

OTO and ITO member who has made many contributions to Chaos Magick, and is currently a faculty member of Arcanorium College.

Jaq D Hawkins

One of the prominent female writers on the subject of Chaos Magick.

Robert Anton Wilson

The writer of such legendary titles as The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Cosmic Trigger Volume I:  Final Secret of the Illuminati, and Prometheus Rising, was one of the major contributors to the creation of Chaos Magick.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

A student of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and Brion Gysin, this gender outlaw (see Pandrogeny)formed the Temple of Psychick Youth, a fan club to hir Psychic-TV industrial group,  and later the Process) for magickal workings.

Phil Hine

One of the most prominent Chaos Magick writers of the 90s.

Andrieh Vitimius

Andrieh Vitimius is a Chaos Magickian who is part of a new wave of writers and practitioners.  He mixes his background in Haitian Vodou and Usui Reiki into his workings.

Alan Moore

The legendary writer of WatchMen, V for Vendetta, Tom Strong, and Promethea is in the midst of assembling his magnum opus of magic, the Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic.

Grant Morrison

Doom Patrol writer, The Invisibles creator, and Chaos Magickian who popularized “Pop Magic.”

Storm Constantine

The writer of the Wraethu series of books also created a system of magic parallel to her stories.


Chaos Matrix

Sigils, servitors, rituals, Barbaric language, and other instructions and tips for chaos magick workings.


Named after a concept in Grant Morrison’s Invisibles, this site is a forum which delves upon such subjects as Morrison’s works and chaos magick, as well as philosophy and other topics.

Chaos Magic @ Internet Sacred Text Archives

On one of the premiere repositories of philosophical and spiritual texts for free on the Internet, hosts an in-depth archive of Chaos Magick texts.


Occult of Personality 64- “Hands-On Chaos Magic” with Andrieh Vitimius

Out There Radio 47- The Eternal Pagan PsychoDrama

ShadowDance Episode 005-  Magick on the Edge of Science


Wilson, Robert Anton.  Prometheus Rising.  New Falcon Press (288 pages).  1983.  ISBN 1561840564.

Carroll, Peter J.  Liber Null & Psychonaut.  Weiser Books (224 pages).  1987.  ISBN 0877286396

Hine, Phil.  Condensed ChaosAn Introduction to Chaos Magic.  New Falcon Press (192 pages).  1995.  ISBN 156184117X.

Metzger, Richard, et all. Book of Lies:  The Disinformation Book of Magick and the Occult.  The Disinformation Company (352 pages).  2003.  ISBN  097139427X.

Ellwood, Taylor, et all.  Magick on the Edge.  Megalithica Books (316 pages).  2007.  ISBN 1905713053.

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