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Disinformation World News (Episode 11) – Return of the Popobawa and a Holiday Note

Posted by invizweb on November 1, 2009

My good associates Joe McFall, Raymond Wiley, Austin Gandy, and Joe Nolan return with a brand new episode of Disinformation the Podcast! in time for this ghoulishly funtastic season, with the return of our favorite old Country Humbler cryptid.  In their own words:

California’s green initiative, the second half of our report on the Hollow Earth, and the return of the Popobawa, this week on Disinformation World News.

Direct download: Disinformation_World_News_-_Episode_11_-_Return_of_the_Popobawa.mp3

I wish all my readers a belated Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween, and Mischief Night.  I had a decent night last night going to a parade and a party.  Next year, however, I will learn to wear a costume I am comfortable with rather than do it for the looks.

Unfortunately, my plans of writing horror comic reviews and short horror stories did not come to fruition due to a 102 degree fever, the Jury Duty which caused it, and the beginning of endless hours of class each week, derailed some plans.  With that said, I will not allow some trite things as time and space to spoil the fun boils and ghouls; thus I declare its Halloween 360 days a year on thsi Invizible Web (its only not Halloween on Dia de Los Muertos, Mischief Night, Lunar New Year, Solar New Year and Winter Solstice).  I am sure more than just some of you folks noticed when I channeled some of the Halloween spirit last December.  So sit back folks, buckle up,  and stayed tuned….

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