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Former Guest Fights Tonight (possibly on CBS)

Posted by invizweb on November 7, 2009

(C) Roxanne Modafferi

Roxanne Modafferi was a guest on my show last fall (2008).  The episode in question is: The Invisible Web Episode 21 (0302) – Fighting 63 in Japan.  Tonight she will be facing one of the premiere female fighters in the world, Merloes Coenen on the StrikeForce Fedor vs Rogers undercard.  Her fight may or may not be televised due to time constraints. In 2007 , Roxy beat Merloes to win the K-Grace Tournament, in Japan.  At that time many consider Merloes to be the “female Rickson Gracie” due to her numerous tournament wins.  We here at the Invizible Web (and MMA-Blitz) wish Roxy a good fight and know she will kick Merloes’ ass again.

You can show support for Roxy on her blog. Her sponsors also offer cool t-shirts on their site.  Tune in tonight or go to the fight live.  She works so hard, so come on give her some props.  Return to this same bat channel for more updates in the future.


Photo by Esther Lin (C) StrikeForce

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